Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cheese is the new punk rock

May I start off by drawing your attention, kind folk, to the apparent similarity between Johnny Rotten circa 1977 and my son, Felix, circa bathtime last night. I am proud, so proud.

A short post, dear readers, before the missuz, the bairns, and I head away tomorrow for the long Easter weekend. We're off to Mayne Island for a spot of rest, relaxation, and otter-bothering. And guess what??? We'll have NO internet connexion! Nor will we have cable! Can you believe it?? We may even be forced to *gasp!* talk with each other.

I bought some lovely cheese today, which I am looking forward to enjoying. Yes, this is what blogging is all about, telling you of my cheese. I get it now. Anyway, decent cheese was one thing I feared missing in Vancouver - the Canadian stuff is largely tasteless wax. So thank GOODNESS for Les Amis du Fromage (sacre bleu, formidable, quelle chance!), a veritable temple of the pressed curd. I picked up a nice bit of Mimolette Vieux, a slab of Manchego, and half a log of a wonderfully runny ashed French goat's cheese. ZAP! BUZZZ!! Dang, drooled on the keyboard...

Helas, I must flit away, but before I do, allow me to draw it all together yet again...

Captain & Tennille - Love Will Keep Us Together (buy here, if you must)
Sex Pistols - Holidays in the Sun (buy here, yes you must)
Public Image Ltd - Poptones/Careering on American Bandstand, 1980 (most brilliant, you must watch here)