Friday, February 23, 2007

On The Wires Of My Nerves

What is going on?

I'm hurtling through this week, brain afire with the snap-snap-snap of electrified neurons. By sight I've found myself able to feel texture as well as see hue and shape. I was fascinated this afternoon by the irregular, bright green wrinkles of a kale leaf at Granvile Island market. Yesterday my breath was taken away by the luscious nap and sweeping line of a crimson velvet coat that I saw getting out of a car as I drove home from work.

Ideas have been frothing forth like the rich, foamy head on a pint of ale. Some are relatively wholly formed, others are fragments that I feel I need to somehow collect and store in some sort of mental sack. But they are coming so thick and fast that it's difficult to catch them all.

On top of it all, I'm swinging between giddy euphoria and crabbed irritability. This morning I gave an under-trained clerk at the Kingston-upon-Thames branch of Bradford & Bingley a severe tongue lashing by long-distance phone for her employer's utter incompetence. Later on, I was marvelling at kale.

It's probably a combination of averaging four hours of sleep per night, an aforementioned go-go-go time at work, and the floods of caffeine and adrenaline deployed to support it all. Yes, that's the most likely explanation. Just shut up, FiL, and go to bed. Leave the nice people alone.

But perhaps somebody slipped me a tab somewhere.

Or maybe it's something else altogether.

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