Thursday, April 27, 2006

Power Struggle

Dear Friends, further to my auto saga...

Last night I thought things were going my way, that my petulant whining had finally paid off. Not an hour after publishing yesterday's post, Dearest Wife agreed to let me have the car today, provided she could have it the following day. Victory, however petty and shallow, was mine and (add metaphors, mix briskly) my musical drought was over. So early this morning I slipped behind the wheel only to find the pesky AA battery in my mp3 player was dead. Poo. Bollox. Damn. Again. With knobs on. My crest was well and truly fallen.

All was not lost, however, as I could at least fall back on the CD I had made for a road trip we took back in March. Y'know, stuff that Dearest, the sproglets, and I can sing-song-along to in a Partridge Family stylee. And so I give you a selection from said disc. But do think of me tomorrow, however briefly, as I once again strap myself into the Squealing Pigmobile.

Davey Crockett - Thee Headcoatees (buy here)
Woo-Hoo - 5678s (buy here)
Walkin' After Midnight - Patsy Cline (buy here)
Rudy A Message To You - Dandy Livingstone (buy here)
Mambo No 5 - Bob the Builder (buy here)