Sunday, April 29, 2007

Zounds! A Lovely Sunday!!

Little Man, 29/04/07

Mirabile dictu! Generally speaking I dislike Sunday, but I must say this one has been lovely. And thus it is to be savoured.

The sun came out in full splendour and melted the edge off our heretofore chilly spring.

Dearest Wife is working horticultural magic in the garden.

And Little Man & I had a grand old time running errands.

Our father/son foray included a spin down to Granville Island to pick up some yum-scrum bangers at the Oyama Sausage Company, and some freshly shucked Thetis Island oysters at The Lobster Man. At the latter establishment, Little Man was equally thrilled and petrified to come face-to-face with a live 2-lb lobster, courtesy of the playful shop manager.

And the destiny of these foodstuffs? To end up on the grill tonight for our first barbecue of the season, with Yours Truly wielding the tongs and fanning the flames. Oh yes, it will be like Gordon Ramsay meets Cirque du Soleil and Arthur "I am the God of Hellfire" Brown. Er, maybe.

To top it all off, I came across some lovely music. San Fran band Sir Salvatore dropped an introductory e-mail into my inbox, and were kind enough to enclose a couple of fine mp3s from their new EP, Those Men Are Not Astronauts. The bouncy, fuzzy, sun-sheened "Hooray This Projector" seemed a perfect accompaniment for this lovely day, and I simply must share it with you:

Sir Salvatore - Hooray This Projector (EP currently only available by emailing the band at

If that weren't enough, I discovered that Dearest Bryce over at Plasticmusic posted a whole slew of vintage videos by artists off the superb Flying Nun record label out of New Zealand. I had forgotten what great post-punk/C86/twee stuff that stable of kiwis put out! I'm talking about scrumptiousness like this:

The Bats - Made Up In Blue (buy here, if you've got that kind of money)

Dear Friends, I hope your weekend was as lovely as mine. I'm off to the grill...