Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oh You Hellenes, Your Scheduling Leaves Much To Be Desired!!

Dear Friends, I'm starting the week with a juicy offer. Indeed, it's a veritable blue light special...

You see, I must part with my pair of tickets to the sold-out Sufjan Stevens / My Brightest Diamond show on Saturday, 14 October at St Andrews Wesley Church in Vancouver. I'm not at all thrilled to be giving these up, but subsequent to purchasing them Dearest Wife and I were invited to a close friend's Big Fat Greek Wedding on that same night. In fact, it looks like I will be DJing the event. So the Hellenes win out over poor Sufjan - endaxi!

Now I realise I could eBay these tix, but my conscience is still guilty from the time I made an unexpected and exorbitant profit via that route from a pair Tom Waits tickets that I had to offload both at short notice and with a heavy heart. I'm therefore prepared to part with the Sufjan tickets at cost, i.e. $54 for the pair, plus the $5 processing fee I paid, plus (if necessary) postage. Those are little Canadian dollars, by the way.

If you are interested in buying the tickets, please send me an e-mail at lefilATpoboxDOTcom entitled "Sufjan Tix" and including a Sufjan-esque song title of your own making (e.g. "Hark, Vancouverites! FiL's Loss Is Your Gain!") that describes why you want them. I will pick a lucky punter at random from all valid entries, and together we will sort out payment and delivery methods. Deadline for all mails is Monday, 25 September, and please don't try to buy them off me at a higher price. I've got all that Tom Waits bad karma to try and erase!

Hurry up folks, get them while they're still going...

Sufjan Stevens - Lakes of Canada
(Live @ Judson College, IL, 19/11/03)

My Brightest Diamond - When Doves Cry (Live @ Joes Pub, 14/7/06)

Gorge yourself on Sufjan here and dine on My Brightest Diamond here