Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rip Up Your Hearts

Valentine's Day - bah, humbug!! Just a manufactured money-spinner to feed the capitalist machine between Xmas and Easter.

This year, no overpackaged chocs, no environment-degrading, worker-exploiting roses, no enforced dining out for Mr & Mrs FiL. We're staying in, having a nice but simple meal, watching a chick-flick (I Capture The Castle), and scrumming down on something sweet (not Ben & Jerry's - it just hasn't been the same since they sold out to Unilever) on the sofa.
Sod Valentine's Day. Rip up the script. If you love someone, go a step further and surprise them some other way on some random day. Pick them a bunch of daisies from beside the highway. Sing them a song. Draw them a picture. Send them an e-mail poem. Make them a bowl of soup. Go skip rocks together on your local body of water.
Just a suggestion.

P.S. I love you all!!! And here's something to prove it:
Public Image Limited - Flowers of Romance (buy here)
Blancmange - That's Love, That It Is (buy here)
Age of Chance - Kiss (bid here for old skool vinyl)
Julian Cope - The Greatness & Perfection of Love (buy here)
Hedwig & The Angry Inch - The Origin of Love (buy here or e-here)

P.P.S. You've not seen Hedwig?? Oh, you must, it's lovely. Curl up with someone/something you hold dear, watch it, and weep for all that is beautiful and painful.
P.P.P.S. Visions of Vegas coming soon...