Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pig's Ear or Silk Purse?

Dear Friends, I face an artistic connundrum. I am unsure where exactly I stand vis-a-vis the mashup. I do admire the bricolage and DIY ethic of the form, but I have endured so many humourless and pained examples that I now approach them with utmost caution. That said, I have come across a few which, to my mind, stitch together the component songs with golden threads of sheer genius. I offer for your consideration:

Go Home Productions - Ray Of Gob (Madonna vs Sex Pistols). Currently unavailable, but allegedly will be re-released by Half-Inch Records soon. In the meantime, do browse GHP's other inspired offerings here.

DJ Tripp - Jumping Someone Else's Freak (Missy Elliott vs The Cure). Hmm, I think I found this originally on Puritan Blister, but the mysterious DJ Tripp's wares can be sampled here.

Silence Experiment - We Will Rock You In Da Club (Queen vs 50 Cent). From Q-Unit: Greatest Hits, a whole concept album of Fiddy vs Freddie (if you can stand it), which can be found here.