Thursday, May 25, 2006

Feeling Zombified

Dear Friends, my superpowers are still at a lowish ebb, despite recharging with a pizza dinner and full-on pillowfight avec Les Enfants. Though I can't actually see that cussed Black Dog at the moment, the lingering doggy smell leads me to surmise he is still nigh. My immediate problem is bone-weariness, prevasive fatigue, and brain drain; I feel like a pithed frog, a somnambulist, a zombie.

What to do? In a post yesterday on his fine blog, Coxon Le Woof mentioned en passant his preference for using music to reflect, rather than change, his mood. I decided to take the opposite tack and try to cajole myself out of my daze by overdosing on shiny, happy music. But alas, it was the wrong prescription. So today the car stereo cranked out powerful doses of ye-ye, Celia Cruz, 80s pop, and even Deee-Lite, but alas, my immune system refused to respond. Doctor, doctor, can't you see I'm burning, burning??

This evening I mused that maybe Coxon was right. Indeed, upon further thought I suspected that he might actually be an unwitting bodhisattva. Instead of denying the feelings, I stood still, stepped aside, watched them, and examined them. As it were, I hugged my inner zombie and got mindful. Quel profondeur!! Except that instead of getting all lotus-like and quiet, I did so to a soundtrack that matched my weary, edgy (and I don't mean hip), scratchy, benumbed, nervy mood. OK, not quite how Gautama Buddha would've done it, but it's starting to work for me. I'll be back on my way soon...

Alien Sex Fiend - Now I'm Feeling Zombified (buy here)
Nik Fiend and Mrs Fiend are the Pearly King and Queen of the electro-industrial goth scene. Longtime denizens of London's legendary Batcave club.

Bailterspace - Grader Spader (buy here)
I have no idea what a Grader Spader is, but it rumbles, grumbles, and rocks like a mutha. Hailing from New Zealand, Bailterspace have carved out some arresting soundscapes in their time.

Alternative TV - Life (buy here)
ATV frontman Mark Perry founded the punk ur-fanzine Sniffin' Glue before forming the band in 1976. "Life's about as wonderful as a cold / Life's about as wonderful as growing old." Later dallied with Genesis P-Orridge and Psychic TV.

Edith Nylon - Tank (when available, buy here)
Blondie meets Gary Numan in some dodgy banlieu of Paris. After two records singer Mylene thought better of it all and retired to Singapore.

Add N To (X) - King Wasp (buy here)
Stomping synth-blues overlaid with the squeals of machinery going horribly wrong. This London art-noize troupe released several records on Mute before imploding in 2003. Challenging stuff.

Fatima Mansions - Blues for Ceaucescu (buy here for only $.0.24!!)
Oh my, spawned by the genius that is Cathal Coughlan. Roars, rants, & raves.

And then there's this little ditty from the quirky, arty indie/new wave/comedy (hey, it says so on their myspace page) Duloks, which I picked up from the marvellous 20 Jazz Funk Greats blog. It's been stuck in my head on auto-rotate, which explains why I've been going around muttering "Red Wizard needs food badly" of late. Remember the Wizard from the video arcade game Gauntlet??

Duloks - Red Wizard Needs Food Badly

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