Saturday, October 21, 2006

Caught By The Fuzz

Dear Friends, what shame has befallen our family! We are now outlaws, doomed to live the rest of our days with the Mark of Cain upon our foreheads...

Let me explain. The other day Dearest Father-In-Law set off in his motorcar. He turned right out of his street onto a divided highway (that's a dual carriageway for those of you in the UK and Ireland), proceeded west to the next intersection, then did a u-turn to head east on the other side of the median strip.

Alas, this was an illegal maneuver, and there happened to be a mountie, clad in a red serge tunic and stetson, sitting ramrod straight on his steed at the side of the road. After a brief galloping pursuit, during which Dearest Father-In-Law threw handfuls of oats and carrots out the window in an attempt to distract the horse, the mountie overtook the motorcar and forced it to stop. He then towed it to the nearest frontier post, where Dearest Father-In-Law is currently languishing in gaol.

And that's exactly how it happened.*

*Well, almost. Apart from the fact that the mountie was really dressed in a thorougly modern duty uniform and drove a patrol car. And that there was no pursuit; Dearest Father-In-Law pulled over in an orderly fashion. And he's not in prison, but his wallet is somewhat lighter due to the hefty fine. Otherwise, it was just like I said it was...

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