Thursday, February 15, 2007

From The Artists To You

Goodness, this week has squirmed out of my hands and is galloping away towards the sunset. Thursday already, and I had meant to post so much more. Sigh...

Anyway, for those of you who have not yet seen it, Contrast Podcast this week offered up another nifty episode of artists introducing their own songs. I particularly liked the Blur-esque Shakes track and Anibal Miranda's bouncy bit about skirts...

As ever, you can download the cast here, or subscribe in perpetuity using this RSS feed:

So, let's turn it over to the folks wot bring you the tunes:

(01:04) racingpaperplanes - In company of ghosts
racingpaperplanes website
(05:29) The Amateurs - Things you only know if you don’t drive
The Amateurs website
The Amateurs on myspace
(09:57) Eric Metronome - Moving Water
Eric Metronome’s website
Eric Metronome on myspace
(12:44) Rain - A brief answer
Rain’s website
Rain on myspace
(16:25) Naomi Hall - Bride of the monster
Naomi Hall’s website
Naomi Hall on myspace
(20:25) Die Romantik - Narcissist’s Waltz
Die Romantik’s website
Die Romantik on myspace
(24:29) V!TAL - More than grime
V!TAL on myspace
(29:07) Anibal Miranda - Mini Saia
Anibal Miranda’s website
Anibal Miranda on myspace
(32:05) The National Pool - A01
The National Pool on myspace
(36:17) Our Little Secret - Easy
Our little secret’s website
(41:30) JBro & Cindy Adzuki - Hippo dances in the rain
Cindy Adzuki’s website
JBro Adzuki on myspace
(44:50) The Shakes - Liberty Jones
The Shakes website
The Shakes on myspace
(49:31) Dean Whitbread - Old
Dean Whitbread’s blog
(55:36) The Me Band - Loaf of bread man
The Me Band’s website
The Me Band on myspace

Next week CP turns again to the hoi polloi and asks them to contribute alternate versions of songs. So if you've got a recording of The Bay City Rollers singing "Saturday Night" in Albanian, Tim wants to hear from you. Pop on over here for directions on how to take part.

Speaking of artists and songs and Tim, our multitalented podcast emcee has produced (yet another) wee gem of his own. It's his fantastic entry for the remix competition being run by Seattle electropunk grrlz The Trucks, and I warn you it's a bit ruuude (a hangover from that X-Rated CP episode, no doubt). But it rocks, and it stonks, and I guarantee it will transport you right to Saturday night in the carpark of The Works Nighclub, Kingston-upon-Thames...

Tim Young - Titties (Largin' It Mix)

And why not check out the original while you are at it:

The Trucks - Titties (buy here)

Good luck, Tim!!

BREAKING NEWS: Merz from Mars Needs Guitars is back online, back in action, and back on track!! So do head on over for some great & groovy music.