Thursday, March 27, 2008

Suffer The Little Children

The Easter Bunny scars a child for life, Mayne Island, 24 March 2008

Don't let the title of this post scare you, Dearest Friends, we're all safe and sound. We had a lovely time on Mayne, all in all. Though there were some suffering children.

The weather was magnificently fickle; frequent bouts of lashing wind and cascading hail interspersed with lengthy stretches of gentle sunshine sufficient to allow for refreshing walks in forest and along shore. I also managed to steal an hour to myself, which I spent sitting by the water watching a seal and an otter do their respective things. To add marvel upon marvel, one morning we were visited by a splendid eagle, who sat a spell outside our window. Magic.

CocoRosie - Animals (buy here or e-here)

And the Easter Bunny showed up! First he surreptitiously secreted chocolate ova around the house on Saturday night, much to the Sunday morning joy of Darling Daughter and Little Man. Next, he made an appearance at the Easter afternoon egg hunt put on by the local Lions Club. However, disaster nearly struck when he trampled a wee toddler underpaw while leading the Easter bonnet parade. Thankfully the bairn suffered no serious physical injury, though I suspect the full mental trauma will only manifest itself in years to come.

Later on, back at the house, we set about preparing Easter dinner. As I got ready to barbecue a succulent pair of salmon fillets, Little Man managed to fall off the back of sofa (where he was NOT supposed to be). On the way to the ground, he caught the back of his head on a bookshelf, producing much screaming and Tarantino-esque rivers of blood. We feared stitches would be required, but a call-out to the nurse on duty and a swift trip to the island clinic yielded the good news that it was only a small cut, not a gaping hole. Drama over, we resumed cooking and settled in to a delicious, if delayed, meal.

Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole [Alt Version] (I got it here, but I understand it's the 'Slate' mix that can be found here)

Speaking of violence involving kids, what did I discover upon switching on my PC back in town but this story. Apparently Mexican "punks" and metalheads have taken to bashing emo kids and the problem has become serious enough that riot police have had to intervene in some instances. Now I must admit that at first I found this a bit of a giggle. You know, all a bit Sharks vs Jets, or mods vs rockers down Brighton way seen through rosy, Quadrophenic glasses. But as I read further, I became more unsettled, not least because of the homophobic overtones; the emo-bashers have taken to calling their targets "los emosexuales." This isn't a giggling matter, nor is it a playground spat. This is tribalistic bigotry, folks, and we all know where that leads.

Jimmy Eat World - A Praise Chorus (buy here)
I'm not really an emo fan. I like my Fugazi, but what it all grew into really said nothing to me about my life. Well, except for this song. It came along at a time in my life when I was deeply unhappy about where I was and what I was doing. And its lyrics got me thinking about all that, which ultimately led me some years later to the happier place I am today. So this goes out to the Mexican emo-kids.

Dead Kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck Off (buy here or e-here)
And this goes out to those so-called punks who get their kicks from kicks. Fuck off, indeed.

Napalm Death - Nazi Punks Fuck Off (buy here or e-here)
And this death metal version goes out to the bigoted metal meatheads. They can fuck right off too.

FRIDAY EDIT: You know, I was thinking about this post today and something sat not quite right in my psyche. I was uncomfortable, but knew not why. After a bit of reflection, I realized what it was: the metalheads and punks wot I told to fuck off need compassion as well. Compassion to help them realize the futility and suffering of hate. Maybe we should organize a festival ("PunxEmoMexTal"??) co-headlined by Motorhead, Fall Out Boy, and GBH?? Shit, all I really want is to give peace , love and kisses out to this whole stinking world...

Carter USM - The Only living Boy In New Cross (buy here)