Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It's Still Paul Haig Day Over Here

By my watch it's 11:10 PM here in Vancouver, which means I'm still in time to add my voice to the second annual Paul Haig Day. The event was born out of a DMCA takedown notice received by the marvelous JC, aka The Vinyl Villain. Rather than retell the story, pop on over here to get the full meal deal. Indeed, I'm not sure I can really add much to what has already been said in the blogosphere to commemorate the event - heck, even the song I've posted I'm sure has already been tacked up by someone more prolific these days than I am.

So then, why do I care enough to take part, and why should you? OK, to distill it down to the key points:

  • Haig produced some of Scotland's finest indie pop, and continues to do so - sign up to his label's mailing list at Rhythm Of Life

  • Unlike many of his fellow musicians, Haig is a keen supporter of the blogging community and has been very gracious in allowing bloggers to post his oeuvre

  • His first band, Josef K, is named after the protagonist in Franz Kafka's The Trial, a masterpiece whose nightmarishly absurd story has similarities to the music industry's campaign against bloggers.
If you want more reasons (and it's in your interest to), then drop by The Vinyl Villain, read up, and visit the many fine blogfolk who've participated in Paul Haig Day II.

Josef K - Sorry For Laughing (buy here)
Paul has become quite disenchanted with his first band's output, but apparently he makes an exception for this track. Which is good, coz it's one of my favourites of his. And if you want to viddy the vid in all its jelly-belly goodness: