Friday, June 22, 2007

A Noo Yawk Minute

Hellooooo, Dearest Friends! I'm surviving The Big Apple!!! Over one week now and I've yet to be mugged, shot, or thrown under a subway train. Only another 48 hours to go...

It has been a powerful strange eight days, and I'll give you the skinny upon my return. But right now, let me focus on a couple of unabashedly fantastic points:

First, I had a lovely time reconnecting in person with Dearest Bishakh, both on the cruise and the following evening chez lui, where he plied me with delish ale (in particular a luurvely framboise lambic) and divine cheese (especially a scrummy Gres de Vosges, at least I think that's what it was). On top of that, I got to spend time with his Dearest J and their mate N, who's the nicest skin you could possibly hope to meet!!

Second, I met up with Dearest Colleen and Dearest Bryce at their DJ soiree at the wonderfully cozy Last Exit Bar & Grill! Yaay!! Yes, I tore away the veil of blogdom and I'm happy to report that my view was confirmed: both are wonderful folks and absolutely splendid DJ selectors. Oh, and Colleen has fantabulous tastes in videos, while Bryce gives lovely hugs!! So go visit their respective blogs here and here.

And music, sweet, sweet music. Well, since we're still in a kind of a retro frame of mind, here's a digital rip of a 7" single that I, er, um, liberated from my college radio station back in 1988. I don't know exactly what it is, but "Just Like Hemingway" has exactly the right combo of electro-synth and arty (overwrought?) lyrics that made me feel nostalgic for I-dunno-what the very first time I heard it. Blue Clocks Green were active in the New York area from 1984 to 1990, but never met with breakthrough success. Last year saw promises of an album in 2007 from a successor group, Tripp Finn, but so far they appear to remain unfulfilled. Oh well...

Blue Clocks Green - Just Like Hemingway (you can try to buy here)

I hope you are all keeping well, Dearest Friends, and I look forward to resuming normal-ish service sometime next week or possibly the next!

P.S. Fancy a trip to the Antarctic? Then head over to Contrast Podcast to hear this week's episode!!