Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last Christmas

Dearest Friends, you may recall that last Christmas Santa FiL got a bit too full of seasonal spirit(s) and utterly disgraced the red suit. It's true. However, I'm relieved to say that this year he's stayed off the egg nog. Well, not entirely, but he hasn't dissolved his brain in it. That said, there's still Christmas itself to get through, and a bottle of medicinal vodka in the freezer. Just in case...

Peter & The Test Tube Babies - I'm Getting Pissed For Christmas (buy here or e-here)
Dwarves - Drinking Up Christmas (buy e-here)
Lord Beginner - Christmas Morning The Rum Had Me Yawning (buy here)

Speaking of last Christmas (WARNING: FACILE SEGUE ALERT), what about that damn song?? Truth be told, with a skinful in me I can just about appreciate the campy cheesiness of the original by Messrs Ridgeley & Michael. But hearing its insipidness while sober and in a retail establishment in December makes me want to do unspeakably harsh things to shop mannequins. What surprises me, however, is the sheer number of cover versions there are out there of this tat. And while some of them are as bad (if not worse) than the original, I've actually come across a few that, erm, are quite good, actually...

Gordon Campbell - Last Christmas (buy here or e-here)
No, not the Premier of BC (at least I think so), but a devotee of the pan pipes. God, how I hate pan pipes. I'm convinced that there's only one Peruvian pan-pipe band in the whole world, but it follows me around everywhere I go, tormenting me on random street corners. But I digress - and I listen with prejudice. OK, this is the only truly awful version here, promise...

Le Sport, Montt MardiƩ, & Mr Suitcase - Last Christmas (no idea where to find this)
If you're off to Ibiza for a bit of a Chrimbo boogie, you might very hear this one. Loungey & housey all at once. Methinks the vocalist must have very tight underpants. Actually, all three of them are Swedes.

Animal - Last Kristmess* You Burst All My Warts (download it and others here)
Oboy, this is reeeealy something special. All skippy and trippy and jagged and ragged. Truly glorious in its abomination.

The Revolvers - Last Christmas (buy here)
These German punx rock! Dearest Marcy put it up already last week, but I love it soooo much you're going to get it again!! In fact, she's got a few other Last Christmases up, including a very good one by Jimmy Eat World. Please drop by!

Punk People - Last Christmas (buy e-here)
Mysterious cover artistes. Chugs along rather nicely (if predictably) & does exactly what it says on the tin - wuntoofreefwarrr!!

And if you want more covers, pop on over here.