Friday, June 29, 2007

I'll Be Back Soon, Promise...

Mayne Island, Active Pass. Photo courtesy of Cheryl J.

Dearest Friends, I did indeed worm my way out of the Big Apple and am now safely back in BC. Alas, this week has been very hectic and this afternoon I'm off to glorious Mayne Island for the Canada Day loooooong weekend. So about 4PM Pacific Time, I'll be ensconsed on a ferry much like the one pictured above, munching nanaimo bars with Darling Daughter (our little tradition). All this means I'll continue to be scarce on the blogfront until next week, when I'll back in town, living the bachelor highlife while Dearest Wife and sproglets stay on on Mayne for another week.

Part of said highlife will include seeing The Tranzmitors on Saturday, 7 July. Oh yeah!! So, to tide you over until we meet again, here's another track by this fab Vancouver band:

The Tranzmitors - Nervous Breakdown (buy their 7" singles here or their debut album e-here)