Sunday, June 11, 2006

So Agitated

Dear Friends, I'm furious. Pissed off. Seething. Angry. So angry.

Why? Nothing major. Something misplaced that has caused me to waste an inordinate amount of time and will screw up my schedule tomorrow. My fault entirely.

But I am dispropoportionately infuriated. And totally overreacting.

Maybe it is all coming out the sides. Straws, camels, backs & all that.

Shame, it was a good weekend otherwise. And I had to go and spoil it all...

Did I mention that I'm furious?

Soothing suggestions gratefully accepted...

Ministry - Burning Inside (buy here)
Electric Eels - Agitated (buy here)
Slipknot - (sic) (buy here)
Veruca Salt - Seether (buy here)