Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It Is All Transitory

Loch Fyne, Scotland, Easter 2005

Dear Friends, it has been an odd day. And it all centers around changes. Some made me happy, others saddened me, all reminded me of the transient nature of things. I was going to make a binary list here: good news and bad news. Upon reflection I decided, however, that I really shouldn't be judging them in that way. Things happen, and the trick is to greet them when they do and reflect on what it is one is supposed to learn from them. Even the uncomfortable ones. So I'll work on that, but in the meantime, here you go:

Dearest Colin has brought down the shutters on Let's Kiss And Make Up. He's doing so for the finest of reasons: to focus on family, work, and making the offline world a better place. I understand and respect his decision, but I will miss him, his infectious enthusiasm, his dry wit, his encyclopedic and sublime taste in music, and his wonderful heart. Yes, I'll miss both him and all that something fierce. LKAMU was one of the first blogs I ever frequented, and Colin one of my first cyber-friends. Scratch that, one of the first friends I made through blogging. Because he's real, you know (as are so many of you). So Colin, I do hope to see you around, and I wish you balance and peace. And this one's for you. No tears, no mope, just straight up righteousness.

The Redskins - Keep On Keeping On (buy here)

Uncle D & S flew back to London on Monday. It was lovely jubbly to see them again after over a year, but now they're gone I can hardly believe they were here. I miss them, as do Dearest Wife, Little Man, and Darling Daughter. So, Dearest Uncle D & S, this one's for both of you. Uncle D, this should bring the smell of latex paint to your nostrils...

Supergrass - Pumping On Your Stereo (buy here)

And Dear Coxon rocks!! You see, he's landed himself a spiffy new job and though he seems a bit daunted by the challenge of the new, he also sounds pretty darn excited. However, I do think his new employ might necessitate a spot of musical realignment. So, Coxon, here's a little something to help you on your way.

Pantera - Walk (buy here)

Dearest Ash has been pouring out heart and soul most eloquently here, and you can feel the fervour and emotion burning off the screen. I've pointed y'all there only recently, but I feel obliged to do so again. So, Ash, yes, we are all in this together. And just in case the doubt ever creeps back chez toi:

Hefner - The Sweetness Lies Within (buy here)

As I moved through the day ever so slightly out-of-focus, I frequently found snippets of a particular song playing in my mind. Now let me start by saying I find the most popular outing of this song, i.e. the one mewled by Terry Jacks in 1974, mawkishly atrocious. But the version on rotation in my head today was that performed by Daniel Johnston and his band, Hyperjinx Tricycle, with off-kilter production by Kramer. It is a wonderfully askew and mournful track that taps a well of tears deep within me.

Daniel Johnston & The Hyperjinx Tricycle - Seasons In The Sun (go here and scroll waaay down)

And finally, something for all of us to live by, Dearest Friends:

The Wedding Present - You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends (buy here)

P.S. Last night I poisoned neither Dearest Wife, nor myself. Indeed, the scallops were easy to cook and delish. Melt butter on high heat in a heavy frying pan, then fry for two minutes on each side. Then eat and go into rapture.