Thursday, March 29, 2007

He's A Whore

Yes, Dearest Friends, that is me you see to the left, whoring myself unashamedly. I have become a brazen strumpet, standing on the corner of Independence Avenue and Groovy Musique Street, offering myself up to all who will pay.

But it is for a good cause. Scratch that, it is for (as they say frequently here in North America) an awesome cause. You see, the most excellent DJ Colleen Crumbcake, curatrix of the wonderful Sandy Acres Sound Lab on East Village Radio, needs to raise sufficient funds by month-end to keep her weekly show on the air/ether. With only a couple of days to go, she is finding herself short, so I'm asking you, Dearest Friends, to help out if you can.

Why should you contribute? Here, let me spell it out for you (after I readjust my g-string... just a bit more... ahhh, that's better):

REASON #1: East Village Radio is a free, independent internet radio station that offers up a bubbling jambalaya of diverse music, culture, and commentary. Its funding comes from sponsorships raised by its motivated, committed DJs. Your contribution, Tender Comrades, will strike a blow for indie radio and against bland, corporate samey-sameyness.

REASON #2: Though EVR is physically located in Noo Yawk Siddy, you can listen regardless of where and in which timezone you are. EVR broacasts live via a streaming feed, but you can also download individual show podcasts for delectation at your leisure. Listen in the bath! While doing the ironing! On the bus! In your yurt on the Mongolian plain! The possibilities are endless!!

REASON #3: Chere Mademoiselle la DJ Colleen Crumbcake spins the most exquisite combination of tuneage that you're likely to hear anywhere. From the varied yarns of Hot Chip, Buzzcocks, France Gall, Prince, Stereolab, Lady Sovereign, and Roxy Music, she can effortlessly knit the grooviest of musical cardigans. I tell ya, she's worth every single penny.

REASON #4: Colleen's got a lorra, lorra nifty swag to give away. A contribution of $35 will get you a brilliant CD mixed by her own fair hand, while $100 will get you said disc AND a special goodie (CD or merchandise) donated by Mint records (or one of their brethren). On top of all this, whoever donates the most money to the cause will get all of the above PLUS an original painting by Brooklyn artist Steve Keene (see his work here).

So there you have it folks, I hope at least some of you are moved to support this worthiest of causes. If you are, you can do so RIGHT NOW via Paypal by clicking RIGHT HERE. Every little bit helps!!

And please hurry up - these goddamn heels are killing me...

Big Black - He's A Whore (buy here)
Joy Division - Transmission (buy here)
Comsat Angels - Independence Day (buy here)
Elbow - Independent Woman (not sure where you can buy, but look at the kitties here)
The Flying Lizards - Money [That's What I Want] (buy here)
The Ramones - Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio? (buy here)
The Clash - Radio Clash (buy here)
The Selecter - On My Radio (buy here)
Stereo Total - Ma Radio (buy here or e-here)