Friday, May 30, 2008

In the Back of the Van

Ladyhawke herself

On the surface it didn't seem like my kind of thing. Not at all. But because Quinn admitted to blowing it out his speakers con mucho gusto, I thought I'd give it a try.

Well,, wrap me in spandex and tease my hair into a Heather Locklear mane. It's brilliant.

It starts of with a bit of Van Haleny, Jump-esque synth. Then it adds a thump-thump-thumpy beat circa 1979. Then about thirty seconds in Stevie Nicks starts to sing. Well, it's not really Stevie Nicks, but Ladyhawke, who sounds uncannily like that seventies boho icon. And there's not a whiff of a post-modern, aren't-we-so-clever attitude. So by rights I should have rolled my eyes, shaken my head, and chortled knowingly into my sleeve.

But I didn't. I danced. Then on the next play I sang along. "You set me on / You set me on / You Set me on fye-yuuuh!"

Pure, unashamed, guilt-free fun, fun, FUN!!

Ladyhawke - Back of the Van (not sure there's anything for sale - yet...)

And the video - gadzooks!! More of the same sparkly, swirly, 70s-80s mish-mosh. With dry ice too. It's all SOOO BLOODY GORGEOUS!!!

I'm off for several days on a business conference junket over here. I will try to stay in touch, but in the interim, Dearest Friends, behave yourselves (well or poorly, I don't mind which).