Sunday, April 30, 2006

Time Out

Dear Friends, I need to tend to a family emergency in NYC and therefore will be forced to take a hiatus from pogo a go-go for about a week. I do hope to see you upon my return - I am very fond of you all.

Boys Don't Cry - The Cure


Eliot Iguana said...

Cloudbusting is running through my head again and again. And I've got Kate's new 2 CD set on repeat in the car.

I hope you're hanging in there, FiL. We all love you.

FiL said...

Dear Mr Iguana, you have no idea how uncanny you reference to Cloudbusting is. Have you been visiting my dreams lately? More to follow...

Many thanks for your concern - it helps greatly.


Bishakh said...

I've heard of this Kate Bush. Warbly bird, isn't she?

Thinking 'bout ya, FiL.