Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pig's Ear or Silk Purse?

Dear Friends, I face an artistic connundrum. I am unsure where exactly I stand vis-a-vis the mashup. I do admire the bricolage and DIY ethic of the form, but I have endured so many humourless and pained examples that I now approach them with utmost caution. That said, I have come across a few which, to my mind, stitch together the component songs with golden threads of sheer genius. I offer for your consideration:

Go Home Productions - Ray Of Gob (Madonna vs Sex Pistols). Currently unavailable, but allegedly will be re-released by Half-Inch Records soon. In the meantime, do browse GHP's other inspired offerings here.

DJ Tripp - Jumping Someone Else's Freak (Missy Elliott vs The Cure). Hmm, I think I found this originally on Puritan Blister, but the mysterious DJ Tripp's wares can be sampled here.

Silence Experiment - We Will Rock You In Da Club (Queen vs 50 Cent). From Q-Unit: Greatest Hits, a whole concept album of Fiddy vs Freddie (if you can stand it), which can be found here.


Anonymous said...

I like the one that smashes Salt N' Pepa "Push It" with "No Fun" by the Stooges.

coxon le woof said...

Mmmmmmmmm mash!!!!


Wipes away drool.

Drools some more.

Listens again to Missy v Cure.

Stops writing in weird third person.

unknown said...

i'm still on the fence on this issue. some mash versions i hate with a passion that knows no earthly bounds and some i just really can't stand at all. afraid none of these hit my biscuit tin [eh?] but i'll concede the idea behind them shows a half-ounce of creativity... just not my idea of audio-fun. but then i'm an old fool. whatdaiknow.

FiL said...

Bryce, I've heard about the S'n'P (no Colin, NOT the Scottish Nationalist Party) vs Stooges mash, but I've not actually heard it. Sounds intriguing, and if you like it, that's a great start.

Colin, guess I can't please all the people all of the time (more cliche than slogan, I fear). Sorry to have not brought you greater fun this go-round. But at least the tracks indirectly spawned a new metaphor. Must use it at work tomorrow - maybe I can get these Canadians to believe it's a commonplace Scottish turn of phrase...

FiL proffers a virtual teatowel to Coxon, fearing the moisture will short out his keyboard. *ZZZAP* Drat, too late. Acrid smell of burning plastic fills air.


Unknown said...

2 years!!! I'm so freakin' grateful you still have the DJ Tripp (Missy Elliot vs. the Cure) mash up!! I linked to your blog from

I could hear the track there but not here?? Gonna be super jump up for this weekends Halloween partyin'!!

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