Sunday, June 11, 2006

So Agitated

Dear Friends, I'm furious. Pissed off. Seething. Angry. So angry.

Why? Nothing major. Something misplaced that has caused me to waste an inordinate amount of time and will screw up my schedule tomorrow. My fault entirely.

But I am dispropoportionately infuriated. And totally overreacting.

Maybe it is all coming out the sides. Straws, camels, backs & all that.

Shame, it was a good weekend otherwise. And I had to go and spoil it all...

Did I mention that I'm furious?

Soothing suggestions gratefully accepted...

Ministry - Burning Inside (buy here)
Electric Eels - Agitated (buy here)
Slipknot - (sic) (buy here)
Veruca Salt - Seether (buy here)


coxon le woof said...

Great choice of Veruca Salt. haven't heard 'seether' in an age. Mental note to self ... must. dig. out. debut. album.

And nothing soothes the sould like a bit of Sigur Ros.

Just remember, no self medicating Dr Fil.

Bishakh said...

"If you are able to recognize the moment when anger arises, you will be able to distinguish the part of your mind that is feeling anger. This will divide your mind in two parts-one part will be feeling anger while the other will be trying to observe. Therefore anger cannot dominate the entire mind. You are able to recognize that anger is harmful and maybe develop an antidote to it. View your anger objectively." - His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama

"Anger is an energy" - John Lydon

Don't be cross, cher FiL. Pick up the new Camera Obscura album and dance your ire away.

unknown said...

A five step plan.

1) buy a top-of-the-pops bottle of red
2) steal a LINN hi-fi
3) borrow a pair of really great headphones
4) look out 'Spirit of Eden' by Talk Talk (i know you must have this)
5) deep breathing... and chill.

ps, I got a free 7" single with my vinyl copy of that veruca salt lp... must try and find it now i am a vinyl convertor...!

FiL said...

Thank you Dr Le Woof, I must get myself a full bottle of that refreshing Sigur Ros tonic. I have but the odd trial size sample.

Mon cher Bishakh, thank you for the Dharma refresher. Indeed, you and the Dalai Lama are absolutely right. Must ch-ch-check my head. And Camera Obscura, I like the taste of that medicine...

Dear Colin, a wonderfully precise prescription, though I presume one must be careful not to get stuck on the first step. Yes, methinks Talk Talk would do it. Now where'd I put that CD - still in a box somewhere...?? P.S. I haven't forgotten the Bleach! Turntable is now on my desk, plugged into the PC via a preamp. Now just to find the time...