Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hold On Tight, This'll Be Bumpy

Dear Friends, I am so very sorry. Truly I am. I am sorry that I feel the need to share with you a song that, for diabolical reasons known only to it, dug its way out of my subconscious a few days back. Since then it has been dancing on my cerebral cortex like your embarrasingly drunk Uncle Ted did at your cousin's wedding last summer. And dang it if I can't swat it away.

So here it is. I warned you.

Loverboy - Working for the Weekend (buy here if you must)

I suppose it is an apposite time to be posting this, seeing as it is a long weekend here, on account of British Columbia Day. I will be decamping to Mayne Island, where Darling Wife and the Childlets have already taken up summer residence, thus leaving me to fend for myself against laundry, cooking, garden maintenance, and other humdrumities. Truth be told, I had been looking forward to a spot of bachelorhood, but apart from the Buzzcocks gig on Monday, it's all been rather mundane. Sigh.

I had hoped to post my overdue impressions of Camera Obscura's Vancouver show, but I fear that will need to wait until next week. Sigh again. But to tide you over, go visit my bestest blog friend Colin. Yes, he's back in glorious Glasgow from his holidays (Hallelujah!) and he's got a prime cut of C.O. for you. Oh, and given all this (Scotland, songs posted by Colin, being ready to be heartbroken) and that (weekends), it seems appropriate to post the following:

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - Lost Weekend (Get ready here)

Ah, much better than Loverboy. Go on, Lloyd, show Uncle Ted what you're made of.

Oh dear, I fear I'm losing control of this post. I blame ZB, who is probably the best psychotropic substance I've ever come across. Moving right along, here's a bit of Gabby La La, a San Fran area resident who makes sublimely nutty music using sitar, ukulele, toy piano, accordion, Theremin, and girlysqueak voice. Oops, those last bits of sanity are draining away rapidly and scrumdiddliumptiously...

Gabby La La - Backpack (buy here)

OK, time to go. And I leave you with Dirthouse Lapdance from Aggro1. No, don't think about it, not at all. Just mish mash mosh like a mutha while moving your mighty moneymaker.

Aggro1 - Dirthouse Lapdance (Static X vs N.E.R.D.)

Have a lovely weekend, Dear Friends.


Rachel said...

hehe "Working For The Weekend" that is classic. (Shhhh don't tell anyone but I have caught myself humming and dancing to that tune on more then one occasion)

I do hope you enjoy your long weekend, I will await your return and your post telling us all about it. :) hehe did you see how I threw that in their?

First there was Simone's absence then
Colin was gone for like years! Now you...Sigh.

Safe travels Fil. Enjoy! :)

Mentok the Mind-taker said...

On those occasions when Mrs.Mentok and the wee Mentoks are off on their own, I am always amazed, as you say, at how mundane renewed bachelorhood is. One always imagines it as being like Risky Business, but instead as often as not it ends up being like 40 Year Old Virgin, n'est-ce pas? ;-)

Bishakh said...

FiL, you have truly made my weekend. I was at the record (?) store yesterday and there was Loverboy's greatest (?) hits winking at me in the racks - I was tempted for a mo' to snatch it up but now you have saved me the trouble! While we're on a confessional tip, I've made a playlist on my ipod called "Schmooth" which has on it, so far: Michael (*&^!ing) McDonald, Christopher Bloody Cross, Steve Perry, The Doobie Brothers, and erm, The Style Council (Come on, "How she threw it all away" DESERVES to be on such an appalling playlist)- but I seem to have run out of cringeworthy artists to fill out the rest of the mix. Any suggestions? I'll be up on the main deck sipping on a pina colada.

Happy weekend!

Bishakh said...

And by appalling, I mean 'totally awesome'.

Bien sur.

unknown said...

Thanks for that Fil! That was so nice. There is some more Camera Obscura over at mine for you - a live and acoustic take of 'Books written for girls'... think you'll like it (TAC on vocals etc)


I loved the Buzzcocks review by the way, felt I was standing on the edge and then in the middle of it all with you...

Hope the weekend at Mayne Island is going well.

PS, love that Aggro 1 track. Wow!

A. B. Chairiet said...

Hi FiL,

I hope you're enjoying your long, lost, weekend. :)

I hope you and the family are doing well.

I look forward to the Camera Obscura review, and your return. I miss you. And if I show up on your stat counter for an insane amount of time this morning...I went out and watched the sunrise in the middle of my reading and commenting.

The sun'll come apparently. ;)

Enjoy Mayne Island. :)
Happy Sunday,
~ Ash

FiL said...

Oh Lovelybelle, thanks for the kind words. I wasn't gone for that long. But I think I know what you mean - methinks the summer doldrums are upon us.

Mentok - mundane indeed! But truth be told, I'm finding myself asking: Why should it be otherwise? Does this stuff just get magically done when Wife is here? No, it does not - she does much of it, probably too much, in all fairness. Memo to self: discuss division of labour post-Labour Day...

Dearest Bishakh: But then I have failed in my mission to get you to buy the entire back catalogue of Lovahbuoy. Schmooth - I like, I like! Further suggestions forthcoming - a mullet rawk post, perchance? "I'm sai-ling ay-way..." Oh, and of course, "appalling" does mean "totally awesome" in, er, um, maybe Tagalog?

Dearest Colin, many thanks for the lovely CO track! And yes, I think that Aggro1 track stomps!

Dearest Ash: As always, thanks for your sweet words. I like that image of you trailing off to watch the sunrise. Sorta kinda makes me feel I was there....