Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Off Again

...and so my heart goes poum poum

Yes, it's true, my Dear Friends, I'm heading away for another long weekend on Mayne Island. While it will be wonderful to see the kids and Dearest Wife again, it will be an emotional time, since we will be laying my Beloved Mother-In-Law's ashes to rest on Sunday. My Own Mother is flying in from New York for the service, complete with her baggage. Much opportunity and need to practice mindfulness.

But my purpose is not to dwell on this. Rather, as I will effectively be starting off my weekend a day early and ending it a day late, I thought the least I could do is give you a few treats that might both get you into a fin-de-semaine mood and tide you over until early next week. Though they've been blogged about from here to Rio de Janeiro and back, I really wanted to get things started with current hipster faves, The Brazilian Girls. Who, in fact, have no Brazilian members. And only one girl.

Can you stand this much naked irony? Just about? Good.

'Jique' has carpeted the blogosphere like dental floss bikinis on Copacabana beach. Ordinarily that would put me right off, because I can be contrary like that. Some of you may remember how long it took me to get Sufjan, simply because I stubbornly refused to heed the hype (others lament that I now get Sufjan, but that's another matter). I picked 'Jique' just before it went supercritical, and I am sooo glad that I did. This is a truly humperful (for etymology see here) track that slinks, bumps, and smoulders all over you, like an anaconda in heat. Silky, sultry vocals that slip in and out of French AND English AND German, oh my! Sabina Sciubba, pour toi j'ai une faiblesse, indeed. Rumbly, grumping, parping keyboards. A soaring bit near the middle. Gosh, it's got me all hot and bothered.

So 'Jique' kicks things off, and I find myself carrying them on in similar sweaty fashion. Lesbians on Ecstasy spinning out a sordid tale of high-school impropriety (small and easily offended people, please make use of the emergency earplugs located under your seat). The sleazo-nihilist duo Sheep on Drugs taking you for a ride on their motorbike. The criminally underrated Wolfgang Press berating you, sucker, against an ominous beat. Al Jourgensen and his pervy Revolting Cocks trying to hump your leg whilst covering Rod Stewart (those not of a nervous disposition can watch them do it here). Linger-ficken fun all round in Big Sexy Land.

Oh my, oh dear, I think I've frightened myself. I'm off to have a cold shower, put on my jimmie-jammies, and snuggle down in bed.

Oh, but just before I do, two things:

First, Galateaa is back. Seems she had been sitting on a house. Or something. Rush over to her place and enjoy her latest!

Second, it's been quite a week for Dearest Rachel over at Untitled. She participated in her first ever Contrast Podcast to everyone's delight (especially the armadillos), she shared with us what makes her rock, and all on top of her usual fine fayre. Kudos and congrats!

See you all next week.

Brazilian Girls - Jique (buy this and try this)
Lesbians on Ecstasy - The Pleasure Principal (buy here or here)
Sheep on Drugs - Motorbike (buy here)
Wolfgang Press - Sucker (buy this fine, fine, fine album here or here)
Revolting Cocks - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? (buy here)


Rachel said...

My thoughts are with you and the family this weekend and always...Hopefully your mummy will be mindful of the situation as well...*Optimism, think happy sunshine pop music thoughts*

I will miss you...*sniffles*

Thanks for the kudos, it was a busy week in blog land and I could have never done it without you and the other Armadillos. And I truly mean that. :)

This was quite a fun post the Brazilian Girls kick ass! I also really enjoyed the Sheep on Drugs, Motorbike track and then I just loved the Revolting Cocks with their cover of "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?".

Good times in Big Sexy Land ;)

Safe travels please and a swift return.

A. B. Chairiet said...

Oh, best of luck and comfort this long lost weekend, FiL. I pray it all goes smoothly, and fittingly...whatever that means.

I just hope the sun comes out. I hope it warms you and your family. Makes it easier.

Makes you smile. :)


Wonderful post, by the way.

Very sexy...

Lesbians on ecstasy, revolting

Ha. Keeping it clean for the kiddies.

And hoping all is well and beautiful on Mayne Island. :)

Happy Thursday,
~ Ash

coxon le woof said...

Hope your weekend passes in peace Fil.

Hurry back soon - we all need out Fil fix.

We get the funny shakes otherwise.

galateaa said...

thanks for the plug fil. i am indeed, back.

and i too am so sorry to hear about your mother in seems as if she couldn't have asked for a more devoted son in law. and it's that devotion that really counts, in the end.

T&F@tlh said...

Hey FiL,

Hope it went ok. V was great. I'm sure the the Island will be a great place to remember her.

Mentok the Mind-taker said...

"My Own Mother is flying in from New York for the service, complete with her baggage."

Oh, man, do I know what you mean. I hear you, brother. This phrase made me laugh the laugh of shared misery, which is the best kind of laughter.

I hope all went well.

Jique was beaucoup fun. Thanks for posting. Kinda reminded me of '80s one-hit-wonder Romeo Void.

uncle_alex said...

FiL! So nice to return to me blog after two weeks of neglect and see a friendly face! muah!

Thanks for the wolfgang press, it's so not me and I love it.

I was the same way about Sufjan, totally stuborn and turned off by the hype, but I just shelled out 100 bucks for his sold out show at the Wiltern (LA) in October. All I can hope for is that a drop of his golden sweat lands on my tongue as I stand there awestruck and dumbfound.


uncle alex

unknown said...


Come in Number 6 your time is up.

Where art thou O'pogo person?

We are all getting the funny shakes without you!

[word verification is Pieekzla. i don't know. it made me chuckle...]

Hurry back :)

Might need to summon the ghost of Moz past to hunt you down!

Hope all is well.

FiL said...

Wow, what a send-off! I'm touched...

Dearest Lovelybelle, thank you for your kind words. Armadillos rock!!

Dearest Ash, indeed, not one for the kiddies! And thank you for your support :)

Dearest Coxon, are you sure the funny shakes aren't down too too much time in the rain with Moz?

Dear Galateaa, it's great to have you back!

Dearest T, yes, it was a lovely weekend, all things considered.

Dear Mentok, thank you ever so much for the empathy. Mother and I managed not to club each other too much with the baggage, though there were moments. Only she has great, whacking steamer trunks while I seem only to have hand luggage. And getting hit by a steamer trunk can hurt...

Hi Uncle Alex! Thanks for stopping by. I'm paying homage to Sufjan here in Vancouver, though tix were a much more reasonable thirtysomething dollars (small Canadian ones). He's playing a rather grand church, so I expect to be genuflecting ;) Kidding aside, I am looking forward to it.

Dearest Colin, I heard you and have returned! And pieekzla to you too!!