Thursday, November 02, 2006

Care to Chat?

Evening Orchid
2 November 2006

Ah, Dearest Friends, how good of you to drop by. It seems like ages since we spoke. Yes, yes, I know we've exchanged hilarities over Contrast Podcast and all that. But we've not really chatted about how it's all going for some time now.

Well, I've just settled down in front of the (fake, gas) fire with a nice mug of tea and was planning to relax by watching reruns of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" or perhaps "Voyager," but I'd much rather have a natter with you. Here, have a seat on the sofa. Can I get you a cocoa or something? Oh, and do have a look at our orchid - rather splendid, isn't it?

You know, I've met two lovely new people recently. Fraser has recently been bitten by the Contrast Podcast bug and has his own place over at BKLYN Song Of The Day, whence he dispenses daily doses of ditties and general cheer of a good nature. And he's got fab earrings to boot. Liz I technically encountered a while back at the late, great blog Let's Kiss And Make Up (RIP). But it's only recently that I started to visit her Roaring Machine with any regularity. And what a wonderfully loud, existential noise it makes! Mix in a soundtrack that never disappoints and you'll understand why I pop round her way.

Our family Halloween was most enjoyable. As Dearest Wife, Little Man, and Darling Daughter were all donning their pirate garb, I spruced up the ghoulish decorations around our house of horror. The final touch? Sticking Nurse With Wound's "Spiral Insana" on repeat out in the front garden. Nothing like messing with wee minds. And here we are just before we sallied forth into the cold, cold night and plundered to our wicked hearts's content:

Oh, and a codicil to my Halloween music post: I've recently rediscovered that wonderful snippet of popgoth histrionics, Shriekback's "Nemesis." I simply adore the OTT lyrics, and I know of no other song that deploys the word "parthenogenesis" in quite the same way.

Shriekback - Nemesis (buy here)

What's that? What wedding? Oh, the Greek one that I DJed. Yes, I did promise to tell you all about that. Well, the wedding itself was lovely, as were the bride and groom. I'd never been to a Greek Orthodox ceremony before and it was all high church with stacks of chanting, smells & bells. The presiding priest was the splitting image of Bluto from Popeye, which was somewhat disconcerting, but the resemblance did add additional gravitas to the proceedings.

At the reception, I was supposed to tag-team with the bouzouki band. No problem. But soon I was to realize the full weight and might of the juggernaut that is Greek Culture. I started off spinning cocktail music, which went all swimmingly. Then the band and I interweaved during dinner, before they came on for a dancing sesh. Problem was, the Greeks didn't want the band to stop. The yayas, the fat men in ill-fitting suits, the glitzy glam Helens with mighty Aphrodite hairdos, they all danced their folk dances and sweated like nothing else mattered. And since my main concern as a DJ was that folk enjoyed themselves, that was absolute fine by me, except for two things.

First, the band played at Motorhead volumes, threatening to split skulls indiscriminately with their bludgeoning bouzoukis. Second, the non-Greek half of the 200-odd guests kept asking me when I was going to go on. How awkward. In the end, I managed to squeeze in only one half-hour of boogie, but I must say it did my heart a power of good to see the floor fill with people and sweat when I did. You see, though I DJed quite extensively while an undergrad (back in the days of vinyl), I hadn't spun the tunes for a good dozen years or so, apart from an evening DJing my daughter's preschool pool party in 2004. So I had seriously doubted whether any of my mojo remained. But I was pleased to see there appears to be a wee bit left in the tank. And I was most happy that I made people happy. But I didn't manage to work in that Greek heavy metal cover of OMD's "Enola Gay..."

Wolfcry - Enola Gay (buy here)

And how is it going in general, you ask? Quite well, I must say. However, I know there are thinks lurking in the underbrush. Much has happened in the past year, and though I have tried to reman mindful of it all, I am beginning to sense there are beasts that I have yet to face fully. Recently I've also heard the snuffling of the Black Dog, who is never a welcome visitor. But I'm hopeful I can keep it at bay.

And so, Dear Friend, it is late and I am feeling a bit tired. Perhaps we could just sit here and listen to a spot of music for a spell. I'd also love to hear how things are going with you, if you care to share. Do let me know if you'd like another mug of cocoa.

This Mortal Coil
- Mr Somewhere (buy here or e-here)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these, they are nice.

Mentok the Mind-taker said...

Be ye a trick of my eyes? What a treat to see the whole Pogoagogo crew assembled so. Those scaliwags on The Black Dog don't stand a chance against such a ruthless band of outlaws.

coxon le woof said...

Hey Fil!

I'm not sure I'm ready to chat yet!

I've been catching up on the last couple of weeks missed posts and I'm struck dumb by your Dylan and Idlewild revelations.

You really should listen to '100 Broken Windows' album by Idlewild - it's the aceness. Seriously. Rocks hard and gentle at the same time.

And I love Dylan. But I'm not a Dylan bore so I shall say no more. hey that rhymed. Ahem.

Shame the djing was a shortened set but at least it left the crowd wanting more.

And now for my favourite ever joke ...

Why are pirates, pirates?

Because they arrrrrrr!!!!

And on that note ...

mjrc said...

"dj mojo"--could that be the name of your alter-blog?

thanks for having me over to chat, and that cup of cocoa was delish, but at the risk of being rude, i think i would be remiss if i didn't say "fuck the time change," as i blame it for bringing that damn black dog back around again.

p.s. love the family photo. what is that large tree in the background?

A. B. Chairiet said...

I'd like some more cocoa...if cocoa is actually coffee. Or peppermint schnapps.


I'm glad you took the time to chat for a's wonderfully written.

You're family looks nice, as in, good people. A happy family. Nice and caring, offering cocoa.

I love the above joke by your friend Coxon.

"Because they arrrr..."

Ha. First laugh I've had all night.


I hope the black dog doesn't catch you, though I'm unsure as to what the black dog is.

Maybe he's like my monsters?

Speaking of which, better get back to noveling.


Take care of yourself.

Happy Saturday,
~ Ash

T&F@tlh said...


Good to see the gang! I hope you liked the language pack I sent you for loading "Pirates" in to Skype - its very silly!

Keep Black dog down - set Gina Dog on to it and get out for a run......soak up those endorphins!

Anonymous said...

those tartan trooosers are ace, ken? oh,arrrrr.

Anonymous said...

You are something special.

Cheers friend!

Tim Young said...

I'd like peppermint scnapps too.


My black dog says hello to yours.

Mentok the Mind-taker said...

"Black dog" isn't some sort of euphemism, like "trouser schnauzer", is it?

After frequently re-reading and overanaylsing this post, I've come to the conclusion FiL was trying to send us a coded message with the names of TV shows: Dog the BOUNTY Hunter; Star Trek Voyager, where the ship is lost in the DELTA quadrant.

Bountiful and Delta are both place names in BC. Delta is a port city. Then he mentions a "Black Dog". The name of a ship, perhaps? That would fit with the Voyager reference, since it is also set on a ship. Likewise, the "pirate" clue from the picture suggests a ship of questionable registry.

So I conclude that FiL has been kidnapped by radical polygamists from Bountiful who have stowed him aboard a ship called The Black Dog that departed from Delta.

Since the rest of you so-called friends of FiL's were asleep at the switch on this one, heaven knows how far the kidnappers have gotten by now.

The Mounties will be no help on this one, since everyone knows horses are afraid of water, and the Canadian coast guard is on tour at the West Edmonton Mall, so we're out of luck there too.

We'll just have to sit back and wait until the kidnappers send us their demands. If it's cash they want, I'm in for a finn myself for starters ;-)

FiL said...

Dear Stephanie, you are most welcome. And thank you for your kind comment!

Dearest Coxon, it's wonderful to see you back in action. And I'm heartened that you're still talking to me, despite my Dylan and Idlewild heresies. Coming on top of my past Radiohead admission, I thought you might just have disowned me...

Dearest Marcy, you are most welcome to drop by for a cuppa cocoa whenever. As for the plant, it's a fig tree. The house we live in is somewhat oddly configured - it has a small internal garden/atrium just inside the entrance. But it is lovely to have a bit of the outside inside.

Dearest Ash, the black dog is an unwelcome cur that comes over, curls up on my soul, and weighs it down, down, down. He's also rather furry and warm, which can lead me to let him stay far longer than is healthy. These days when he comes sniffing around I try to scare him away before he has a chance to work his depressive doggy voodoo. And for you, my dear, of course I'll brew a cup of freshly ground Sumatran coffee. I fear I have no peppermint schnapps, though you are most welcome to a lovely dram of whisky.

Dearest T, I did manage to beat the dog away. I stayed mindful and did not let him curl up on me.

Dearest WAF: Yes, Little Man went as that famous Scots pirate, Blackie McArrr. And your comment reminded me of that song by the Bollocks Brothers, "Count Dracula, Where's Ya Troosers?"

Dearest Rachel, so are you, my dear!

Dearest Tim, what, you too on the schanpps? I suppose I'd best get some in then. And I hope your black dog isn't the same breed as mine...

Dearest Mentok, thank you for figuring out my coded message. That scurvy dog Winston Blackmore left his Sony Vaio unattended briefly and I was able to post. However, I am now halfway across the Pacific as the Polygamists are heading for Korea in an attempt to hook up with the Moonies. Quite why they took me I'm not yet sure, but I think I overheard them saying something about needing a DJ for some mass wedding. Heck, as long as there's no bouzouki band, I'm up for it...