Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Contrast

Well, roger me sideways with a candy cane and douse me in mincemeat, it's time for the first instalment of the Contrast Podcast Yuletide extravaganza! And at the helm of this runaway sleigh is none other than jolly old Chrimbo Timbo. Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum. The CP elves have obviously been hard at work, picking the finest festive ditties for your enjoyment.

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Woah, the reindeer are getting restless - I'd better get to the list...

(00:00) Eels - Everything’s gonna be cool this Christmas
Tim from the face of today
(03:28) The Wombats - Is this Christmas
Ross from Just Gimme Indie Rock
(07:23) And What Will Be Left Of Them? - Have yourself a filthy little Christmas
FiL from Pogoagogo
(10:58) Laura Nyro - Up on the roof
Adam from Beggars Banquet
(14:49) Axydlbaaxr - Carol of the bells
Axydlbaaxr’s stumbleupon page
(19:13) The Andrews Sisters and Bing Crosby - Mele Kalikimaka
Kip from Hip to be square
(22:47) Mydols - Merry Frickin’ Christmas
GD from Bitesize Bonus
(25:38) Remy Zero - Someday at Christmas
Andy from Circles of concrete
(28:41) My Morning Jacket - Christmas Time is here again
Duke of Straw from The late greats
(35:18) Barry & the Beachcombers - Booka’s list
Crash from Pretending life is like a song
(36:26) Centro-matic - It’s starting to look like Christmas
Alex from Totally true tales from Texas
(40:39) John Leguizamo - The night before Christmas
Cindy from Adzuki bean stash
(44:40) Dressy Bessy - All the right reasons
Amy from Shake your fist
(47:39) Low - Just like Christmas
Natalie from Mini-Obs
(51:18) The Smashing Pumpkins - Christmas Time
Jamie from The Run Out Groove
(55:08) The Von Trapp Children - Carol of the Bells
ZB from So the wind won’t blow it all away
(59:53) Fear - Fuck Christmas
Chris from Culturebully

If you've got a seasonal carol you want to share, don't despair! There's still time to contribute to next week's part two - find out how right here.

Dearest Friends, my stockings are soooo chock-full of Christmas warbles that it goes without saying that there were loads of runners up. So let me sling another lot of choonz your way. Now, don't fret, I'm not going to get all reflective on you. This won't be another one of my "I-liquefied--my-left-hand-in-the-blender-making-egg-nog-daquiris-but-it-taught-me-the-true-meaning-of-Christmas" posts. This one is all about arse-out fun. Yep, 'tis the season for making silly. For going along to excruciatingly cheesy parties and snogging Brenda (or Bruce) from Accounts Receivable under a sprig of mistletoe. For getting giggly with gramps and granny on the gin. For moshing round the menorah with the menschen. For conducting regrettable experiments with advocaat, Baileys, soy egg nog, and port. For rockin' around the tree with Da Kidz. For gorging on shite like plum pudding and friutcake that at any other time of the year would be used to pave streets.

And so, in the spirit of Christmas parties everywhere, here's a poptastic holiday mix for your enjoyment. Better run, coz I'm about to break out that mistletoe and Baileys...

St Etienne - I Was Born On Christmas Day (buy here)
Boney M - Feliz Navidad (buy here)
Kurtis Blow - Christmas Rappin (buy here)
Sam Flanagan - Frosty DMC (this mashup f'ing rawkz da bellz!!)
The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping (buy here)
The Pipettes - White Christmas (freebie from Memphis Industries)
Supposedly The Beatles - White Christmas (Allegedly off of a fanclub flexidisc, but some of my kind & discerning readers say otherwise, and they're probably right. Calumny! I've been duped!! And to think I traded the family cow for this tune - what will Mother say?? I no longer warrant the authenticity of this track- you click the link, you take your chances...)
The Kinks - Father Christmas (buy here)
Slade - Merry X-mas Everybody (buy here)
Beach Boys - Little St Nick (buy here)


Anonymous said...

Beatles, you say? Hrrrrn . . .

Natsthename said...


By the way, FiL, your intro this week was the best yet. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Robert Rouse said...

That is NOT the Beatles! It's a sound-alike band that produced an album of Christmas songs with Beatles style production techniques. TRUST ME!

Anonymous said...

hey, great songs, but, no, that's definitly not the beatles. cute that they did the song to a Ticket to Ride sounding instrumental. viva la pipettes.

Tim Young said...

Oh .. you guys are so easily goaded by your uncle FiL! :)

FiL said...

Hello Lebovicia, Robert, & Juliette! Oh my, controversy! Thank you for chiming in & helping me stay honest. I've taken you word for it and have modified the song description accordingly.

Dearest Nats: Thank you! Now you know what really goes on up at the North Pole. And glad you enjoyed Slade - and it is the REAL Slade!! ;-)

FiL said...

Curse you, Tim! Or should I say... Beelzebub?? You have thwarted my plan to get Blogville believing that was a real Beatles track. I will now hunt you down and make you listen ad infinitum and nauseam to a duet of Celine Dion & Aled Jones singing 'Little Drummer Boy...'

Have yourself a filthy little Xmas!!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo, just wanted to chime in with my own needless...


FiL said...


Dinah said...

Thank you! These songs rock (around the Christmas tree).

Anonymous said...

i'm having all kinds of troubles getting past that picture . . . you have outdone yourself this time! makes me wanna come over and drink baileys and pogo around the chrimbo tree with fil and the gang!

Anonymous said...

The "Beatles" track is obviously not the Beatles, however it is quite good anyway.

Anonymous said...


You are so rad! Did I mention that?

I think you got yourself your very own christmas podcast with the runner-up tracks there.

The Kinks, The Pipettes!!!

ha and that Kurtis Blow Christmas rap is fabulous!

Mentok said...

I'm just here for the Baileys

"Wow, aren't these hors d'oeuvres great? Did you try the curdled goat cheese and curry chutney spring rolls? They're great. These decorations are great, eh? It's great to see you. How have you been? Great."

Sorry, my brain is set on auto-repeat for lame conversation from endless corporate Christmas parties.

Where's the bar?

FiL said...

Hi Dinah! You're most welcome!

Dearest Marcy, you know you'd be welcome to! And I'd promise to make Santa get dressed before you came over.

Hi Nonny, it is a good facsimile. Had me going...

You always, always, always say the nicest things, Dearest Rachel!

Dearest Mentok: I'm partial to the seaslug and verdigris vol-au-vents, myself. Yes, the Christmas chit-chat does get a bit stale after a while. Had a lunch today and when asked what I was doing for Christmas almost replied "I'm having a sex change and so is my wife." Tell me, you think tequila and egg nog would go well together?