Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tell Me Why

Questions... Always questions...

This week Contrast Podcast poses the query: Why? And the answers, though fewer than for past questions, are wonderfully diverse. As usual, feel free to download the podcast directly via this link, or else plonk the following RSS feed into whatever nifty blog subscription thingy you use:

(00:00) They Might Be Giants - Why does the sun shine?
Tim from The Face of Today
(03:16) The Wedding Present - Why are you being so reasonable now?
Cinema du Lyon
(06:13) Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers - Why do fools fall in love?
FiL from Pogoagogo
(09:16) Neil Young - Tell me why
Natalie from Mini-Obs
(13:19) The Weather Prophets - Why does the rain?
ZB from So the wind won’t blow it all away
(17:19) Woody Guthrie - Why oh why?
Kate from The Glorious Hum
(20:58) The Offspring - Why don’t you get a job?
Tom from Other People’s Toys
(24:36) Billy Joel - Why should I worry?
Andy from Circles of Concrete
(28:19) The Pipettes - Why did you stay? (acoustic)
Crash from Pretending life is like a song
(30:12) All Night Workers - Why don’t you smile?
Ross from Just Gimme Indie Rock
(32:50) The Beatles - Why don’t we do it in the road?
Waffles from Waffles Radio

Next week sees the debut of the lovely Liz and her well-oiled Roaring Machine on CP. Her proposed theme is guaranteed, I tell ya, to generate a most interesting podcast. So folks, dust off those cover versions that, in your esteemed opinions, are better than the original songs, whack them in an e-mail together with a recorded intro, and fire them off to Tim. You want more guidance? Well then, here you go.

Why Frankie Lymon seized my fancy so, I know not; doo-wop 'n' roll is not my preferred idiom. But when my ears and eyes alighted upon that ditty, I just knew it had to be. Anyway, as usual, I'd like to share with you those tunes that I also considered for submission this week:

The Fall - Why Are People Grudgeful? (buy here or e-here)
Even though you can never have too much Mark E. Smith, this was dismissed out of hand as he & the gang had only just put in a Contrast Podcast appearance the previous week.

Garbage - Why Do You Love Me? (buy here)
Oh Shirley, surely you don't need to ask...?

The Mooney Suzuki - Tell Me Why (buy here or e-here)
Hmm, dunno, I quite like this, but I kinda wish it was, y'know, greasier & grungier. And I'm also not so keen on the band's subsequent corporate tie-ins. But given that Buzzcocks are also selling cars, maybe I'm being a bit of a hypocrite. Argh, I've tied myself up in an FiLosophical knot.


Tim Young said...

I know but I'm not telling.

A. B. Chairiet said...

I know why, as in, why the Canadian healthcare system is possibly better than the American healthcare system...

Because you and Heidi say so. ;)

Happy Friday, dear Fil!

Take care,
~ Ash

Eliot Iguana said...

42. 42. 42. 42. 42. 42. 42. 42. 42.

Now what was the question again???

I'll be more serious next time. Craig says hello (he's in town for a visit). BTW - Lisa Fru-Fru is due with child number one any day now!! We were all out to dinner last night and had a fabulous time of it.

See you round amigo!!

Eliot Iguana said...

Oh and all FiL fans should really check out the following Washington Post article:


It finally explains what is motivating FiL to maintain this endeavor. After all, if Mojo can do it, why not FiL?

FiL said...

Dearest Tim, you're SUCH a tease...

Dearest Ash: It must be that... :-p

Dearest, Dearest Eliot: As good an answer as any. OMG - Lisa FrouFrou with child? How? Why?? Aaah! My mind, it twists!! But seriously, that is grand news, even if I'm having a hard time processing the possibility. And big hug to Cweg...

Chloe said...

Because because because because because because... and so on and so forth.