Thursday, May 31, 2007

How It's Done

Oh my, it's been a week, hasn't it? Sigh. Sigh again. And once more for good measure...
Dearest Friends, my cyber-absence was due to me being kidnapped by the usual suspects, work and family. But I've managed to break free for a smidge - SEND HELP (in the form of lovely music, dark chocolate, stinky cheeses, Audrey Hepburn, bolshy red wines, PJ Harvey, and real ales, please). Truth be told I was also feeling a wee bit down on the weekend, but managed to swat away the pesky black dog come Monday. Huzzah!
And so, let me launch into my weekly song-and-dance about Contrast Podcast! Yes, episode 61 (Can you believe it?!?? Sixty-one weeks of lusciousness already!) came out this Tuesday and it asks a simple, yet burning question: "How??" To find out, download the podcast here or stuff your automatic podcast downloader thingy with this:
Here's a sneak peek at the answers:

(00:00) Dusty Springfield - How can I be sure?
Tim from The face of today
(03:15) The Hot Puppies - How come you don’t hold me no more?
FiL from Pogoagogo
(09:34) The Auteurs - How I learned to love the bootboys
Jim from Quick before it melts
(13:46) Ry Cooder - How can you keep on moving?
Linda from Speed of dark
(17:50) Ivor Cutler - Good morning, how are you? Shut Up!
Chris from
(19:51) Kultur Shock - How to fucc songs and irritate musicians
ZB from So the wind won’t blow it all away
(24:59) Snow Patrol - Ask me how I am
Andy from Circles of Concrete
(27:52) Junior Walker - How sweet it is to be loved by you
Crash from Pretending life is like a song
(31:09) Pelle Carlberg - How I broke my foot and met Jesus
Marcy from Lost in your inbox
(35:30) Martini Ranch - How can the laboring man find time for self culture?
Tom from Better in the dark
(40:42) The Shaky Hands - Why and how come
Bob from Gimme Tinnitus
(42:46) B.B.King - How blue can you get?
(48:10) Heaviness - How to avoid the sugartraps
Ross from Just gimme indie rock
(53:56) Sam Phillips - How to quit
Natalie from Mini-Obs

The Hot Puppies track shone through on sheer appeal - the torchy, pleading vocals and the timelessly retro arrangement snagged me. And it was such a perfect lament to accompany Cherie Sorbet's heartbreak. But I did consider these:
Boyracer - How Come You're Such A Hit With The Boys, Jane? (off the Girlracer EP, but no idea where you can find it)
Wetherby tweepop-punkers cover the Dolly Mixture classic. Wanna know more? Go here - Dearest Liz tells you all you need to know.

Inspiral Carpets - This Is How It Feels (buy here for only 74 cents!!)
I am frequently inspired by floor coverings. But I digress. FACT: Noel Gallagher auditioned unsuccessfully to be lead singer of this Cool-as-Fuck gang of organ-parping cow hypnotizers.

t.A.T.u - How Soon Is Now? (buy here)
Kakiye krasiviye maladiye Russkiye devotchki!! Manufactured Russian fake-lesbo kinderwhores cover/butcher (delete as appropriate) a fine, fine Smiths tune. But regardless of what you think of their talents, full props and respect are due for their outspoken stance against the endemic and brutal homophobia of their native land. And I think All The Things She Said is a grand piece of eurotrash pop brilliance. Damn, now I've done it...

Next week, Contrast Podcast takes to the ocean with all things maritime and marine. So dig out your briniest sea shanties and drop by here to learn how to take part! And I can promise you a special intro...


Elizabeth said...

Hurrah! Boyracer!

(I think the Girlracer thingy was a tour promo CD for the stint with Kanda, so it's probably an ebay item now unless 511 sold their overstock to record stores and such.)

Glad you're feeling better, FiL.

Matthew said...

Apart from PJ Harvey, that is some list of luxurious indulgences.

Bishakh said...

God, that article about the Pride march made me ill. And now Poland is all up in arms about...Tinky Winky? What is wrong with this world? I can't wait for the 25th century when bigotry and intolerance become once and for all relegated to the dark bowels of history. But in the meantime, a victory for the home team:

Rant over. FiL, an inspired choice this week.

mjrc said...

i would like to extend my condolences to dear cherie sorbet and her broken heart. i knew she shouldn't have trusted that slime. *sigh* maybe she can hook up with the fake lesbo kinderwhores or something. they're bound to be nicer to her than he was.

T&F@tlh said...


Plenty of beer here - come try some!

You visiting for D&S's big day?


FiL said...

Dearest Toad, PJ is pulchritude personified and I'll have nohing said against her!!

It is shameful, Dearest Bishakh, isn't it? And I applaud your teleological view of history, but I fear the 25th century will be full of bigots dressed like Gil Gerard and Erin Gray from Buck Rogers...

Dearest Marcy, it is sad. Cherie thanks you for your condolences and kind suggestion, but I fear she's not of that persuasion...

Dearest T, sigh, but we won't be able to make it over. Too pricey to ship us and the kids, plus I'm off to NYC for ten days in June for things maternal. Please misbehave at the big day for us... ;-)

FiL said...

Oops! Sorry Dearest Liz, left you off my list. Bad FiL...

At least we have the digital version, grace a toi!!!

Matthew said...

Sepulchritude, perhaps.

And hooray for fake-lesbo kinderwhores! Or was that not the point?