Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Music about Music

Alright, this week, Dearest Friends, Contrast Podcast has gone all meta on us. No, that's not "metal" as in "heavy metal" or "thrash metal," but meta, meaning "about it's own category."

Confused? Here, let me explain: this week it's all about songs that mention other songs, bands, or musicians. There, that's clearer, no?

In the finest smorgasbord tradition, on offer is a little bit of everything, and it's all scrum-diddly-umptious. So dig into the feast, either by downloading the podcast directly from here or by slapping the following RSS feed into your favourite aggregator:

(00:00) Murray Lachlan Young - I’m being followed by The Rolling Stones
Tim from The face of today
(04:05) M J Hibbett & The Validators - The lesson of The Smiths
Simon from Spoilt Victorian Child
(08:31) Spearmint - Scottish pop
Colin from And before the first kiss
(12:44) Half Man Half Biscuit - Irk the purists
Chris from
(15:01) New Bad Things - I Suck
Shaun from Cold Citrus
(20:28) Dickie Goodman - Frankenstein meets The Beatles
ZB from So the wind won’t blow it all away
(23:10) Frank Zappa - Bobby Brown goes down
Marcy from Lost in your inbox
(26:21) Ministry - Jesus built my hot rod
FiL from Pogoagogo
(33:16) Built to Spill - You were right
Matt from Earfarm
(38:50) Peter Parker - Vanishing point perspective
Taylor from T-Sides
(42:30) Sebadoh - Just gimme indie rock
Ross from Just gimme indie rock
(46:06) Warren Zevon - Play it all night long (live)
Linda from Speed of Dark
(53:01) The Damnwells - I’ve got you
Chip from Atomic Ned
(56:40) Barenaked Ladies - Brian Wilson
Lyle from Mentok the mind-taker
(01:02:30) The Dandy Warhols - Cool as Kim Deal
Natalie from Mini-Obs
(01:06:12) Prefab Sprout - Faron Young
Mark from Cinema du Lyon
(01:10:19) Dexys Midnight Runners - Reminisce (part 2)
Crash from Pretending life is like a song

Before settling on the motorific Ministry (yes, I know, one paltry mention of Jerry Lee Lewis is a bit pathetic, but that's Gibby Haynes from The Butthole Surfers doing the talkie bit,which has gotta count for something), several other tunes were considered and summarily dismissed. They are offered here as documentary evidence of my thought process, and for your possible enjoyment:

Falco - Rock Me Amadeus (buy here)
1998, Austrian 80s pop star Johann Hölzel, better known as Falco, dies in a road accident while on holiday in the Dominican Republic.

CSS - Let's Make Love to Death From Above (buy here)
I boogied like a fool to this for large chunks of last summer, and I might just do so again this year.

Stereo Total - Ringo, I love you (buy here or e-here)
Stereo Total, I love you!! If ever anyone disses the European Union, put on a track by this Franco-German combo and they'll come round sharpish.

The Clash - 1977 (buy here)
Argh, that was 30 years ago...

Anthrax with Public Enemy - Bring the Noise (buy here)
Yeeeeaah booooiiii! When rap first met metal. So these guys are to blame/thank (delete as appropriate) for Slipknot. Oh, and I have the 10-inch vinyl picture disc of this single - it looks like this.

Next week, Natsthename from Mini-Obs has opened up the podcast to Every Tom, Dick, and Harry. To find out how you can be a part of the podcast, click here and DO IT! Erm, please.


Rachel said...

Ummm can I get a tape of all of your CP contributions and intros? Bravo! I enjoyed that, although I can't say that was my favorite of your picks...hehe ;-P

just a girl said...

I loved-y love that Ministry song. I had the, wait for it, cassingle and would blast in driving around in my old beater of a car.

Who doesn't like Gibby?!? Plus with a band named the Butthole Surfers it sent the parents crazy.

Bishakh said...

Cher FiL,

There's a dreadfully twee song called 'Pop songs your new boyfriend's too stupid to know about' by Tullycraft on a Harriet Records compilation that I have tucked away somewhere that namechecks The Pastels,The Breeders, Lois, Heavenly, The Halo Benders, Green Day, U2, The Lemonheads...I won't go on. It is, in my estimation, fairly difficult to listen to even for a connoisseur of all things fey like me. (Fey? Moi?)

Oh! And how about 'Non-stop dancing' by The Jam?

Oh! And 'Blow Away' by Kate Bush, which gives props to Sid Vicious, Sandy Denny and Keith Moon, among others?



P.S. The only 'cassingle' I ever bought was 'Pumps and a bump' by MC Hammer. Oh the shame!

FiL said...

Dearest Rachel: A tape?!?? How wonderfully old-fashioned! Cassette, 8-track, or reel-2-reel?? ;-) And yess, I can understand your reaction - I wouldn't pick you for a Ministry fan!!

Hello Dear JaG! A cassingle? Oh, welcome to the Old Format Fanciers' Forum!! I had a few of those. Fact: listening to Ministry while driving increases your average speed by at least 20 mph...

Dearest, Dearest Bishakh! What inspiration! Tullycraft - of course!! Un peu trop twee pour toi? Pas possible!! Maybe it's the adenoidal vocals that jar a bit.

"Non-Stop Dancing" - truly out on the floor!! And "Blow Away!!" What palsy beset my brain to make me forget such wonders??

Sigh, all of these would have been excellent choices. So when will we hear you on the Podcast, hmm??

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

On Strummer and boy's first b-side - and still the Rolling Stones soldier on! Seems a short 30 years to me my friend. I heard the Sex Pistols' "Anarchy in the U.K." being played on the radio in the reception area of my gym this very afternoon. The song actually sounds fresher to me than it did 31 years ago. I resisted the urge to pogo about.

You do not hear the delightful unrestrained anger of "1977" expressed in popular music by young folk these days. Shame that, for the young have a good deal more to be angry about than the Clash did a generation past.

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