Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Something Squiffy

Dearest Friends, there's something squiffy going on with Fileden, my file hosting provider. Since about a month the bandwidth use has shot up astronomically out of proportion to my site traffic. For instance, today I have had 90 visitors so far but Fileden tells me I had over 1.5 gigabytes of downloads. That makes no sense. I know other Fileden bloggers have had similar issues and Filden itself seems to be unwilling to help get to the bottom of this matter.

The net result is that I'm over my bandwidth quota for the month with two weeks to go. I will start shifting files to a dedicated host over the next few days, but until then, have a shifty at these and let your heart smile:


mjrc said...

there is definitely something fishy going on at the den of files. i'm looking forward to giving them my kind regards when i say g'bye on the 24th.

that's my way of saying, "i feel your pain." : (

Anonymous said...

have you considered going to google page creator where you get 100 MB of free space per account.

I have had no trouble with bandwidth. I hope vancouver folk fest was as folksy as seattle's folk life...

too much arm hair for my tastes.


ally. said...

i'm glad it's broken cos those films are ace, especially the billy childish. i'm not much of a one for cycling, i just fall off, but i do like a well presented pop group who name check dungeness, one of my favourite places in the whole world.
and the specials one has pretty much the greatest intro ever. 'what you call it dick?... a cornet'
so don't get well too soon if you don't mind.

Enda said...

Thanks for the intro to the Buff Medways. I notice a striking resemblance to a band oft mentioned in this blog, one which split about 25 years ago. Are they by any chance related? If so, we should be told.

Natsthename said...

Great, I just began using fileden, but I keep it down to the free account level. So far, so good, but my blog is shitty and hardly anyone listens to the music I post anyway. (No, that's not whining, but simple fact!) So, post shitty stuff and you won't have a bandwidth issue! ;)

coxon le woof said...

I gave up on Fileden a while back as it never reset my bandwidth allowance.

Filexoom seems pretty good - when it's working!

Long time leave no message. Apologies for that. Always checking by though. Hope all is good in Fil Land.

Mr Rossy said...

Man, thats major lame, no good !!
Specials = very good !!!
Love the old grey whistle test, ain't nothin like it around these days, unless you can stand Jools Holland !!!

cchang said...

INteresting...I'm having issues with Mediamax. Hotlinkfiles.com seems to be holding up, but there's a very limited amount of storage space.

So, post shitty stuff and you won't have a bandwidth issue! ;)

Heh heh heh...I guess that's why I never have bandwidth issues.

Anonymous said...

That Specials clip made my day. Isn't it time for a ska revival yet? And this time can we please skip the baggy shorts/skate punk/fratboy crossover? Tonic suits and porkpie hats, please -Rude boys and girls, your country needs you!

Bishakh said...

Oops FiL! That anonymous comment above was from me.

FiL said...

Dearest Marcy, Dearest Juan: I've made the leap. No more Fileden. Yay!!

Dearest Ally: The Buffs video is extremely charming, isn't it? And the Old Grey Whitle test - that's a goldmine of fantastic footage! I'm better now, but going forward I will try to insert similarly compelling visuals from time to time.

Dearest Enda: Whoever could you mean??

Dearest Nats, you sell yourself waaaay too short!!

Dearest Coxon: So lovely to see you again! All is indeed good, moreso for your visit.

Dearest Ross: Indeed, OGWT was ace!

Dearest Cindy: Go for your own host. You can get cheap, cheap intro rates with vast amounts of storage and bandwidth - I think I paid $20 for a whole year... And you should also stop with the self-deprecation!!

Dearest Beesh: Yes, the fratboy element is rather off-putting. And as usual, you have hit the sartorial nail right on the head!