Thursday, August 16, 2007


Oh, Dear Readers, it has been an unexpectedly exhausting week. Work has been hectic, thanks ultimately to those greedy enough to have cultivated the reprehensible and irresponsible practice of subprime mortgage lending. But let's not go there.

I'm tired, I'm spent, I'm emotional. So when I saw this I just about wanted to cry.

Sod it, all I want is to give peace, love and kisses out to this whole stinking world...

Have a lovely weekend, and be excellent to each other!!

Carter USM - The Only Living Boy In New Cross (buy here)


ally. said...

jeeez i wish i'd not followed that link - bugger and arse. i shall be shaking my fists at the telly even more violently now.

you be excellent too sweetie

Mentok said...

So much could and should be said on this topic, but much of it would be empty air.

The thing that struck me about the article was that, in the midst of all that ugliness, one gem glittered through:

"Everything is for the children. They are the beauty in life and, without them, we cannot live."

Lost their souls? I don't think so.

Thanks for reminding us to be mindful.

mjrc said...

i do hope this weekend restores you --you sound drained indeed.

i love that illustration, btw.

t&f@tlh said...


Hope that things are looking better in the market and that home will be the best place to be for the weekend. Get a cuddle off the boy, tickle the daughter and give wifey a snog!


Campfires and Battlefields said...

Good Christ. When will this end? What have we done? Note to self: Never start a war. And I'm just certain the only lesson learned at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is that free market forces appear to be holding up.

Juan said...

Sharing the misery dearest Fil, which this weekend was not enough to fix...

love the illustration as well.

at least my son has perspective since he told me he no longer wants to live and that we are horrible parents for making him eat a new dish:
chicken in a peach cream/basalmic reduction sauce.

Go figure.