Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I'm Adaptable And I Like My New Role

Dearest Mentok's lovely comment here brought to the fore a question I often ask myself: How the heck did I end up doing what I do??

I mean this in the sense of career, of bacon-on-the-table job, of gainful employ. For you see, I am at happiest with words, with music, with people, with stories. And yet I have ended up in a field heavily planted with numbers, studded with balance sheets, and irrigated by rivers of ca$hflow. My leanings are lefty, pinko, liberal, but I have found myself most usually surrounded by conservative capitalists.

Now I must say that where I ply my trade now is much more in line with my values. Back in En-ger-lund I was for eleven years a cog in a mighty money machine whose sole purpose was to generate profit and boost share price. All else was irrelevant, resistance was futile. Nowadays I'm in the bosom of a co-operative financial system that explicitly puts people before profits. The folk are good & nice, if still capitalist. And they have heart.

However, I'm still a banker, and I don't feel like one.

I must say this disconnect doesn't bother me as much now as it did prior to my move to Vancouver over two years (yoiks!) ago. This is due in equally large parts to the aforementioned nature of my employer, a greatly recalibrated work/life balance, and the fact that I love living in Vancouver. Love it. Loveitloveitloveit. It's also due to the move itself; you see, we were wrapped in heavy cloak of inertia that kept us weighted down where we were. But there was also a comfortable lining to that inertia, one woven of familiarity and the known. Casting off that garment was scary and unsettling, but ultimately liberating. For now I know that if ever I find myself wearing it again, I can, in fact, take it off.

So, I'm still a banker, and I don't feel like one. But that's OK, something wonderful is bound to happen at some point.

Ach, enough of my navel-contemplating, and onto the tunes! Rather appropriately, this has been on the empeethree playah in the car of late. I guarantee you if you crank it up while driving, roll down the windows, and belt it out at top volume, folks will get out of your way. Possibly marvelling at your uber-cool taste, but possibly not.

Public Image Limited - This Is Not A Love Song (try eBay)

Yes, another PiL track. That's two in two days (I'm still trying to banish those wee mummies from my head, I should get there by the weekend), but you deserve it! You should likewise get yerself over to see the Spoilt Victorian Child and his recent PiL piece.

And since you're all so lovely, Dearest Friends, here are a few PiL viddies to viddy. I purposefully skipped that of "Love Song," as it's actually rather cheesy - Johnny Lydon gurning in front of skyscrapers and being chauffeured around in a vintage automobile. Yawn! These, however, are sublime:

Public Image


Bad Life


Just a Girl said...

I stumbled upon the 12 inch in a big ol' bin way back when and drove the parentals nuts by playing it loudly and repetitively.

Bishakh said...

Ah, FiL - you've really made my day with these videos, thank you thank you. Just the thing to neutralize the vapid interior designer office chatter that makes my day a bubbling pot of hell.

P.S. OMG Keith Levene is sooooooo cuuuuuute :) :) :) LOL OMG etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

PIL, I remember hearing PIL, PIL on the radio and running out to the LA dark night in my littel honda scooter and driving to Rhino records before it closed jumping in and grabbing the PIL album and then realizing it was the wrong one...

I also suspect that there are many professionals amongst us bloggers who work and live in fields where they don't quite feel like they belong, but then somehow wished it were different... for evidence i point to Colin's wonderful blog. The blogs seem a better community at times but unfortunately not the flesh and blood kind

Tomorrow I get rid of my white coat and change it for my old leather jacket!

oops tomorrow is saturday... thank god.

Crash Calloway said...

I've always liked Vonnegut's 'We are what we pretend to be' line, although I think you can add to that the lovely Get Cape Wear Cape Fly's "You are not your job / you are not the clothes you wear / you are the words that leave your mouth / so speak up, speak up loud" from 'Call Me Ishmael'. Frankly if being in one of those onceinalifetime 'How Did I Get Here' moments makes you write like you have this week then I'm all for it.

ally. said...

dear old siddeley johnny johnson always refused to tell anyone what she did for a living so that she could never ever talk about work which i always thought was a fine idea. we all often do stuff we don't want to for a wage, and even when i've done stuff i've liked there's many mornings i've still not wanted to go.
lydon continues to thrill whether it's wandering around his old finsbury park estate (see youtube somewhere) or thumping jimmy pursey in the queue for a visa in the american embassy.

it ain't what you do it's the way that you do it..or something

cchang said...

Banker! I did not know you were a banker...:) The things we learn.
Happy Belated Canadian Thanksgiving BTW (that was yesterday, right?)