Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Cheap Holiday In Other People's Misery

Those of you who have been dropping by here for some time may recall that one of my Dearest Wife's cousins is a Humvee gunner in the US Army. Last November he returned from a tour in Iraq, during which he saw one of his best friends killed when a roadside bomb hit their convoy. His deployment also drained him of his idealism; he had signed up to do what he thought was his patriotic duty , but ended up sorely disillusioned both with the Iraqi adventure and the armed forces.

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We all breathed a sigh of relief when he returned free of (bodily) harm, though he managed to badly bugger his shoulder in a snowboarding accident shortly after returning. However, we saw a bright, silver lining to this mishap, as we were certain that recovery from the subsequent reconstructive surgery would spare him further trips to The Sandbox/The Sandpit/Tatooine (circle preferred military euphemism). We were wrong.

Today Cousin Soldier ships out for another tour in Iraq, despite the fact that his shoulder is still so incapacitated that he can't even put on his ballistic armour, much less man a .50-cal machine gun atop a vehicle. However, his unit commander apparently needs "bodies on the ground," regardless of their effectiveness, so he will be continuing his rehab in-theatre. Hopefully this means he will be kept out of harm's way, but the mind still boggles.

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Technically Cousin Soldier has less than two month of his enlistment left to serve. However, given Uncle Sam's current "stop-loss" policy, we're all wondering whether he'll get a service extension in his Christmas stocking to go with his holiday with a gun. Bah fucking humbug, indeed.

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Cap said...

God bless your cousin for his sacrifice. His efforts are paying off as the current surge is producing great results that will benefit the people of Iraq as well as help continue to secure freedom that counters islam terrorism.

Anonymous said...

I want your cousin back as soon as possible. Thank you for the musical interlude to wipe the taste of futility off my lips.

Just a Girl said...


Natsthename said...

That totally SUCKS, and I think it's wrong to send him back when he's still not up to strength. What's scary is that some would try to use this kind of thing to reinstate a draft.

Why don't they just get us the hell out of there and forget about ruining our young people's lives?

Not another Vietnam, my ass, Dubya.

mjrc said...

this just makes me sick. sick to my stomach. i'm so sorry. i hope he comes back home asap with no further bodily injury. i'm afraid the emotional damage may already be done. fucking bush.

Rick said...

FiL, I'm very sorry indeed to hear this news. It's not really a good time of year for many folks, including a friend of mine who has been out of the service for about 4 years. He just received his marching orders, too - stop gap and all that. All I can say is that, as you know, there are a lot of us here who want to see all these guys come home ASAP.