Sunday, November 18, 2007

Smiley Culture

Bah! I say it again, Dearest Friends: Bah! And humbug!!

It has been a bitty, hectic, addling few days. The sort that gnaw away at your calm and patience, leaving behind gritty fragments that you can't piece back together.


I was minded to write a rather fulminating post about any one of a number of things that raised my dander. Like cyclists who cycle at night without lights. Or local police brutality. Or climate change. Or Christmas plans.

But then I came across a sunshiny track for which I had long been looking, and it made me smile a big smile. So I have bottled the gloom, and instead I am offering up the choon in the hopes that it'll have the same effect on you.

Smiley Culture's "Police Officer" was released at the tail end of 1984, and it must have been shortly after that that the mighty 92.7 WLIR ("New Music First") picked it up, thus exposing me, a rabidly loyal teenage listener, to its infectious dancehall charms. And thanks to the magic of the interwebbythingy, I've been infected all over again.

Smiley Culture - Police Officer (try eBay)

Oh look, I found the video as well!!


Ctelblog said...

Dearest Fil

It is with some trepidation that I doth protest that your posts are lacking in a sufficiency of sententious archness. I would respectfully suggest that you refer to the estimable Miss Bronte.

I remain, respectfully yours

Ctel Esq.

Anonymous said...

being a cyclist I also am angered by thoughtless cyclist who make upstanding citizens like dear Fil angry at the reasonable cyclists out there...

When cyclists ride two abreast on a busy downtown street... I want to throw my bike at them!

FiL said...

Dear ctel: I have taken note of your petition, and in future will endeavour to furnish copious amounts of superior, pompous moralizing in order to address it...

Dearest Juan: Indeed, thoughtless cyclists who put themselves and others at risk raise my dander!