Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Is Upon Us

I know I didn't ask, but thank you hydromedusa...

The waves are not abating, nor are the waters getting any shallower. Nothing left for it but to pull on the wetsuit (mmmm, tight neoprene), strap on an oxygen tank, and swim like a fish. And since Christmas is coming (and the octopus is getting fat), it's utterly appropriate to slip on a Santa cozzie as well.

Yes, Chrimbo is ratcheting up chez nous, Dearest Friends. We went out en famille this weekend and chose our tree from the nice man with a chainsaw who sets up every year in the vacant lot around the corner. We had a small domestic discussion as to whether a fake tree would be more eco-friendly, but we convinced ourselves that the oxygen spewed forth by our cultivated lodge pole pine in it's 7-year life would not have been spewed had it not been for the Xmas market. Moreover, Vancouver has an excellent recycling programme, so it'll end up as mulch for other greeny-growy things. I trust that if my logic is flawed, you will point it out to me.

Having brought tree home, I had to spar with a rather fearless and cheeky rat in our garage while extracting the tree-holder from storage. But neither man nor rodent nor squabbling children could prevent Dearest Father-in-Law and me from raising the tree. Huzzah! And so in celebration, I offer you a selection of classic (at least for me) Chrimbo tuneage. For those of you grumping that I posted all of these last year, rest assured, there will be more to follow. But in the meantime, de-Scrooge and get yerself a bit of mistletoe.

The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping (buy here)
Sardonic and sentimental at the same time, and nooo-wave to boot!

The Kinks - Father Christmas (buy here)
One I remember playing on the raydee-aydee-aydee-oh from whippersnapperhood.

Bullette - Blue Christmas (get some more e-here)
Wonderful, loping, countryesque interpretation of this old standby by Philly's lovely Monica Bullette.

And What Will Be Left Of Them
- Have Yourself A Filthy Little Christmas (buy their latest here)
Oh, and I mean that from the bottom of my sordid little heart!!!

Shonen Knife - Space Christmas (buy here)

Speaking of Shonen Knife, I have an early prezzie if anyone wants it. You see, I have two tickets to see those groovy garage girls at Vancouver's Richards on Richards this Thursday, 13 December. However, I have no-one to go with. A friend bailed, and Dearest Wife can't get excited about them. I'm definitely going, but if anyone wants to join me, I have that extra ticket. Don't worry about the cost, just buy me a lime & soda (I'll be driving) and we'll call it quits.


mjrc said...

don't worry about the cost you say? does that include round-trip airfare from philadelphia? coz if it does, i'm there, brother! yahoooo!!!!

Just a Girl said...

A ticket you say?

And there is no plane fare involved!

FiL said...

Dearest Marcy: I fear I did not reflect on transport. However, I suppose I can stretch to cover that, as long as you don't mind taking the $5.95 round-trip special I found on Expedia: Philly to Greenland by biplane, then a ayover until the seas thaw, then tramp steamer to Murmansk, coal train to Almaty, camel caravan to Pyongyang, and finally miniature sub to Vancouver. You might miss the support band. Alternatively, I'll give you a raincheck until you move to Vancouver ;-)

Dearest JaG: Yes, there'd be no plane (or camel, or biplane etc) involved. If you are indeed keen, drop me an e-mail at!

ally. said...

that kinks record is ace and i've not heard it for an age so thankyou dearie. i'm impressed with your preparedness - i leave everything till the last minute and do a very short madly concentrated xmas which is over before i've got bored and has just enough space for the phil spector xmas classics and not much else

mjrc said...

well, i suppose unless i left yesterday, i will miss the show, so maybe jag should take the ticket--for expediency's sake. : )

have fun!

Eliot Iguana said...

Christmas Wrapping!?!?

FiL you old sentimentalist! It's my holiday fave running second only to the Kinks Father Christmas.

And yes, I'd love to go to the Shonen Knife gig, if only we can work out the instant transport of matter concept.

Happy Christmas!