Thursday, December 24, 2009


Waitaminit, that St Nick looks vaguely familiar...

Dearest Friends, here's wishing you a very Happy Christmas and Season's Greetings (as appropriate). I can think of no better way to tell you how wonderful I think you all are than to share with you five of my all-time favourite Chrimbo choonz. If you were here in past years you'll know they're reposts, but enjoy them anyway.

May you get exactly what you want in your stocking. See you after the hols.

The Vandals -
Oi To The World (buy here or e-here)
Peter & The Test Tube Babies -
I'm Getting Pissed For Christmas (buy here or e-here)
Jacob Miller -
All I Want For Ismas (buy here or e-here)
Holly Golightly -
Christmas Tree On Fire (buy e-here)
Heat Miser -
The Heat Miser Song (buy here)

P.S. There is no Slade here. Apologies to those who were deceived by the title.


Greer said...

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas, FiL. Thank you for making me laugh so much again this year.

Bruver Tim said...

Merry Christmas FiL from all of us at the Big and Little Houses...


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Fil,
and rememeber that as the NYPD choir was singing Galway Bay, the bells were ringing out for Christmas Day

simon said...

some twee twat and his latest flame fucked up our xmas but we don't let things like that get us down,do we? love to u and look forward to visiting with the new lady next year x

Anonymous said...

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indierocker said...

C'mon Fil it's 2010, wake up!!! Still frozen on that bench?

Iam said...

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Anonymous said...

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China said...

Oh dear, you've held off so long that you're even getting spam. Come back! You're the only one who consistently posts music I like. And you're not giving Joan Stepsen or blahblahblah gogo2sexplus28 blah enough posts to add spam to.

(And of course, thanks for posting Billy earlier in December.)

FiL said...

Dearest Greer, thank you for all the poetry & hip hop (ya don't stop!!)

Bruvver Tim, 'twas sooo nice to see you!!

Dearest CS, merci! J'espere avoir la chance en 2010 de visiter encore chez ton blog!!

Thanks for the wake-up call, indierocker! I'm up now!!

Dearest China, I aim to let all & sundry have their say, as long as they ain't hating. Besides, 123 123 Said sounds like it could be a pretty ace band name... ;-p

iamrogue said...

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