Saturday, August 26, 2006

I Really Should Be In Bed...

Darling Daugther

Dearest Friends, I am ill. A nasty summertime Lurgie settled in my head Friday evening and is cooking my brain in a gently boiling cauldron. His wee Lurgettes are painfully kneading my back and neck. Drat. Double drat.

In many ways I think I have myself to blame. Truth be told, I've been feeling somewhat rudderless all week in the absence of la famille; I miss Dearest Wife; I miss Darling Daughter; I miss Little Man, heck, I miss Old Dawg. As a result, I've probably not been taking the best care of myself; too little sleep and not enough healthy nourishment. I fear I effectively gave Lurgie the key to my skull. Sigh...

But though I'm a typical hypochondriac, wimpy male (i.e. right now I'm convinced I'm going to die in my sleep tonight), I know that this too shall pass, and next weekend is Labour Day, which means another Mayne trip. Hooray. Only this time, we're all coming back together. Double hooray.

Compounding my woe and wimbliness is the fact that last Thursday was Darling Daughter's birthday. And though I rang to hear of her chocolate cake and all the nice prezzies and the tasty lunch at The Wild Fennel, I really wish I could have been there. To celebrate, but also to devote time to her younger brother, who's nose got out of joint because no-one was paying attention to him. Double sigh...

So, for Darling Daughter, I give you two songs I sang to her (and Little Man) as lullabies because I was so utterly crap at remembering the lyrics to "Blinking-Hush-Little-Blinkin'-Baby" and "This-Bloody-Old-Bloody-Man." I'm utterly chuffed that both weans now know the words and we still sing them together. But I have to say, they were Darling Daughter's songs first.

Billy Bragg - I Don't Need This Pressure Ron (buy hard copy here or soft copy here)
Known round our way as "The Banging Song"

Ramones - Sheena is a Punk Rocker (buy here)

In other news, (quickly, before I expire), I have been completely smitten by a Magnetic Fields track that the ever tasteful Chere DJ Colleen Crumbcake over at Sugartown. It is a pure piece of happysadbittersweet wistful joy (and it reminds me of an old romantic entanglement of my own, Dear Friends). I've put the track below, but do go to her post since it has some equally delish morsels that you shouls check out.

Magnetic Fields - Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side (buy here or cybernetically here)

Must. Be. Quick. Strength. Fading...

If you've not done so already, please visit the wonderful writing and photography blogs of the lovely, talented, and large-hearted Ash. You deserve this lady in your lives.

One... Last... Gasp...

I have lately been indulging myself in the rich, lush textures of Marianne Dissard, described by Tuscon Underground as "an ironic waif with a will of steel." And a voice of smoky Parisian velvet backed by mellow Tuscon strumming, I would add. Marianne has collaborated closely with Calexico and the ever-shifting group, Giant Sand. She is on the verge of releasing a solo album, and you can find some of her demos on her myspace page. You can also buy over here a 7-inch vinyl copy (rock the old skool, boyz 'n' girlz!!) of all the demos, with download rights.

Marianne Dissard - Sans-Facon

And with that, off to my deathbead...

*FiL exits stage left, moaning and flapping pitifully*


T&F@tlh said...


Not long till the English remedy makes it all better! And in the meantime try a hot toddy.....

Wish I could be there to see you all on the island.

big kiss

Anonymous said...

If you do happen to die, please provide a post of the experience and appropriate music.


-- Brian

Rachel said...

Awww, are you taking your echinacea and zinc? If not then please try to pick some up, it does help, believe me it is not easy for me to swallow capsules or anything so if I take them they better work.

Your daughter is just lovely FiL, really what a ray of sunshine she is. I hope she had a wonderful birthday, even though her daddy couldn't be there, you will always be within her. I am happy next week you all return together, I know you have been lonely these last few weeks.

Very nice lullabies, such a hip dad ;)

I too was enjoying the Magnetic Fields earlier in the weekend their music is a ball of emotion I think. :)

Feel better.


Mentok the Mind-taker said...

Ha, Ha! So you thought you fooled me into taking your decoy mojo, did you? Thought you had pulled one over on the ol' Mindtaker by hiding the mojo in the couch, eh? Well, that'll larn ya! ;-)

Get well soon, FiL!

FiL said...

Mentok, don't try to fool me into thinking this bug was your retribution - I know I have only myself to blame!

Dearest Rachel, thank you for your sweet words that have made this Daddy's heart (& head) swell.

Ah, Dearest Brian! How lovely to hear your cybervoice! Indeed, if there is a broadband connexion wherever I might end up post mortem, than you can be sure I'll post appropriately. That is, if EZ Archive and Blogger don't punk out on me...

Thanks Dearest T! Wish you could join us.


A. B. Chairiet said...

Hi Fil,

I’m so sorry you were sick!

I hope you’re a million times better now. :)

I watched the sunrise this morning, and thought of you, and how I haven’t been by here in a while, how I miss you, and wanted to read and catch-up.

Thank you so much for the sweet mention and links. It means the world to me to be liked by you.

I hope you and the family are well. Enjoying Mayne Island. Your daughter is beautiful.

Happy Monday!
~ Ash