Monday, August 28, 2006

A Dip in the Pool

FiL livin' it large, age 2 1/2, Miami FL

Well, I didn't die. I've not completely recovered, but it seems I am on the mend. It is a very nasty little bug, however...

Anyway, enough about that. Today is Tuesday, and that means it's Contrast Podcast day. In celebration of Tim's Mediterranean holiday, the theme this week is Poolside. Tim is expecting to spend much downtime chilling by blue, chlorinated waters, and was looking for a soundtrack to help him do just that. You too can lounge next to the pool (if you've no access to one, try your bathtub instead) and listen to what Tim's listening to by downloading the podcast via this direct link. You can also subscribe to this and future podcasts using the RSS feed:

Here's the poolside playlist:
(00:52) Stimmhorn - Mjandrio
ZB from So the wind won’t blow it all away

(08:15) Mosquitos - Boombox
Brian from The Rant

(10:45) Wax Poetic - Angels
Chris from Culturebully

(15:08) Henri Salvador - Vagabond
Marianne Dissard

(18:48) Augustus Pablo - Jah Dread
Colin from Let’s Kiss and Make Up

(22:19) Donavon Frankenreiter - Lovely Day
Jamie from

(26:02) Blotto - I wanna be a lifeguard
FiL from Pogoagogo

(30:45) Andrew W.K. - I get wet
Jamie from The Run Out Groove

(34:44) Emmet Swimming - Sunblock
Tom from Other People’s Toys

(39:29) James Figurine - All the way to China
Jeff from The DIY Rockstar

(45:02) Math & Physics Club - Weekends away
Bethanne from CTASLS

(48:08) Sly & Robbie - From the grass dub
Bob from Gimme Tinnitus

(51:59) James Hunter - No smoke without fire
Natalie from Mini-Obs

(55:26) Smog - Drinking at the Dam
Charlie from Nerdlitter

(59:48) Bong-Ra - Suicide Speed Machine Girl
SAS Radio

Next week’s podcast will build on the Who? theme of a few weeks back and pose the question ‘What?’ I would strongly encourage you all to give it a whack and choose a song with ‘what’ in it’s title and send it along with a 30-60 second spoken introduction to Go on, you know you want to!

As usual, there were a few tracks I considered before Blotto presented itself as the obvious choice. So here for your enjoyment are the runners up:

Camera Obscura - Swimming Pool (buy here or here)

Holger Czukay - Cool in the Pool (buy here)
Do visit his website, if only for his webcam. Watch him as he types! Marvel as he scratches his head!! Gasp at his silky, grey locks!!!

Sex Pistols - Holidays in the Sun (buy this or that)

Go-Gos - Vacation (buy here)

D.A.F. - Sex Unter Wasser (buy here)

On another note, in my febrile state I forgot to draw your attention the other day to a most excellent post on songs with cowbells over at Mars Needs Guitars. More fun than a day out at the Swiss cow fights!


Mentok the Mind-taker said...

Whoa, how'da ya like them apples, eh? Dood, you are simply going to have to explain that photo ;-)

(Oh please oh please oh please don't tell us that's your mom in the picture. In the immortal words of Mike Myers in Cat in the Hat: "Awkward!")

Just a little tip for you: Next time you borrow Dr. Evil's time machine to go back in time to visit an Austin Power's style swingers party, pick the option for "Non-Age Regression". Works much better that way.

merz said...

I love that picture, cool,and thanks for the link to Mars!

Anonymous said...

J'aime bien cette image aussi Fil!
(comme merz le dit) mais c'est vrai qu'il faudrait que tu nous donne des expications sur les bunnies qui t'entourent et le panier de pommes (comme le demande mentok). Y a-t-il une "lecture psychanalitique" de cette image my friend ?

Suis aussi heureux que tu ailles mieux


Oh Camera Obscura : c'est si bien qu'on le dit ? Tout le monde en parle ces temps-ci.
Prochaine fois, j'essairai d'├ęcrire en anglias (je dois travailler to improve my english)

coxon le woof said...

There are so many jokes going through my head about juicy apples and lovely pears/pairs but as Mentok so eloquently says ... 'Awkward!"

Explanation due!

Mentok the Mind-taker said...

"juicy apples and lovely pairs"

Coxon, you are busted as a Brainiac watcher!

I'm personally crazy about the show. Came across by accident years ago as a commercial on the British pre-season of Battlestar Galactica. I lucked out in finding some barely-seeded bit-torrents of the first season of Brainiac. I was so happy when the show finally made the leap over the pond.

FiL said...

Ah yes, I should have realized a further explanation would be called for...

First up, no, that is not my Mother in the pool. Indeed, she does not feature in the photo at all. Dr Freud tells me I can now get off the couch as long as I promise not to play with that nasty Mentok anymore.

Truth be told, there's not much to tell. It was a family holiday -- honestly!! We were en route to Nassau and Dad thought it would be good to spend a day or two at the Playboy Resort in Miami. Remember, back in them days the Playboy brand was synonymous with class and comfort. Says a lot about the 70s - I mean, just look at the prints on those ears and bikinis!! Anyway, the place seemed to be staffed entirely by bunnies. I dimly recall being in that pool surrounded by nice ladies who were offering me fruit from this really cool bowl they had floating in the pool. I also remember being far more interested in the fruit than in the ladies. And yes, the Biblical analogies are legion!!

I did a bit of digging and apparently the hotel is now the Castillo del Mar Resort. I would imagine the bunnies have gone the way of the dodo. Any further local intelligence, Dearest Merz??

Et Cher TCS, oui, Camera Obscura, c'est si bien. La musique relativement douce et calme (comme Belle and Sebastian), et des paroles souvent mi-amers, mais toujours astucieux. Et Traceyanne Campbell, la chanteuse, est si renfrognee mais si charmante. Soupir...

Dearest Coxon, just mind your apples 'n' pears lest you trip and fall down. Goodness, I'm such the cheeky Cockney chappie, am I not? Gorblimey, strike a light!


A. B. Chairiet said...

Love the photo, Fil! And the bunnies, too. ;)