Thursday, October 19, 2006

Forests & Trees

A walk in Pacific Spirit Park, 1 Oct 2006

Oh dear, oh my. I had hoped things were going to downshift this week, but we still seem to be speeeeding along in top gear. Out the windows I can see blurs of foliage and streaks of sun whipping by, but we're moving way to fast to sort out this trees and forest malarkey. And at the moment, the brakes don't seem to be working too well...

Hasil Adkins - Things Are Movin' Way Too Fast (buy here or e-here)

Don't get me wrong, I am largely enjoying the trip. It's just that I'd like to pull off to the side, get out into the woodlands, breathe it all in, and mindfully reflect. But probably that won't happen for another fortnight or so. I'm just hoping we don't run out of petrol en route.

Q-Tip - Breathe and Stop (buy here)

Dearest Friends, I do want to share a serendipitous Myspace music find with you. Indeed, methinks this'll find its way onto the Pigmobile stere-ere-ereo as we roar along for the next couple of weeks. I quite literally tripped over Jimi Hunt's page, and the sole track that belted out just about carjacked me. It's a fuzzy, robodrum-backed, Francophone stormer entitled "Sois Belle Mais Ne Chante Pas" (roughly translated: "Be Gorgeous But Don't Sing"). There seems to precious little information around about Jimi, but I gather he's a one-man noisenik based in Montreal (man, there seems to be a lot of righteous sound coming out of there). Further information would be most appreciated...

Jimi Hunt - Sois Belle Mais Ne Chante Pas (no idea what or where you can buy!!)

I do promise to tell you all about My Big Fat Greek Wedding, hopefully on the weekend. Please be patient with me...


Hoya90 said...

Know what ya mean about the speeding thru the forest thing. I'm feelin' like an Ewok on scout bike with the throttle stuck on full. Where's a handy vine when you need one?

The baby Ewoks are keeping me busy as I turn into the ubervolunteer around school and sports. And Mrs. Ewok is working unholy hours trying to keep up with the job.

Keep the music coming!!


A. B. Chairiet said...

Hi Fil,

Good morning!

I love this picture...the forest and trees, and the sun peaking through. All green, and alive. Makes me smile for the first time in a long time on this very long and rainy morning.

I understand the driving too fast...the blur...the wanting to stop and breathe it all in.

I hope you can slow down a bit, once everything’s taken care of. I hope I can too. I'm driving too fast also...nearly flipped my car again yesterday in the same exact place and thought of you and your "screaming pig mobile". :)

I'm glad you’re safe and sound, and real and here, and I'm sorry you're so busy. I hope it's the good busy. And I miss you. I look forward to the wedding story and yes, will wait ever so patiently. :)


FiL said...

Dearest Igu: And I always thought that I was the cuddly one out of us... Glad to hear the househusbanding / soccerdadding is going well, less glad to hear of Mrs Ewok's workload. I know she gets satisfaction out of it, but beware the burn-out. I don't mean to preach, just point out. My love to all.

Dearest Ash: I'm glad the picture made you smile. Pacific Spirit Park is right near where we live, and it's a wonderful rainforest. Please do take care on the roads - again, that's not preaching, but entreating! And the "busy?" Much of it good, much of it routine. The risk is overlooking what's really important while rushing about, which I think is happening to a degree. But it has been noted, and shall be corrected. And thank you for waiting for the story - I hope it'll live up to expectations... :)