Sunday, October 29, 2006

In Memoriam

Dearest Mother-In-Law & Dearest Wife

Dear Friends, apologies for the hiatus - there has been so much going on. You see, yesterday we held a memorial service for my Dearest Mother-In-Law, Veronica. Truth be told, I had not intended to post about it, as I had already shared with you her passing and her burial. But in the end I could not let it go unmarked.

Veronica was a wonderful woman, as you may have probably already deduced from my previous posts. But I am not alone in thinking so; some 150 people came along to Saturday's service to remember and share how she touched those she knew and who knew her. The words of the ten or so who eulogized her spun some common skeins:

Her dedication to ensuring that children with special learning needs got the help and support they needed, whatever the prevailing political winds.

Her uncanny ability to make everyone with whom she came into contact feel like they were her best friend.

Her hospitality and nurturing, as symbolized by her incessant pie and breadmaking.

Her beautiful way of offering advice and counsel bereft of judgement.

Her wickedly earthy streak.

And finally, how missed she is, even though her presence is still felt.

I still miss her terribly.

Archie Fisher - Ettrick (buy here)


Anonymous said...


Beautiful post, gorgeous song.

I understand that void. It always helps to remember, memories carry on for generations.

Through your words and love I feel I know Veronica. So much love is felt, it is really quite lovely.

Thank you for sharing these moments. :)

A. B. Chairiet said...

Oh Fil, I'm so sorry...

Sorry you're feeling so sad. It's needed, and completely understandable, though, to still miss someone terribly.

I just hope it gets lighter in its own good time.

I'm sure it will.

Then you'll still have the memories, just fewer tears. :)


Thinking of you and your family, and all those people who were touched by your mother-in-law's life...I wish you all comfort and warmth.


In my heart and in my prayers...

Take care. :)


Happy Monday,
~ Ash

Mentok the Mind-taker said...

There's a curious bit of synchronicity to the song you picked.

This Archie Fisher sounded very familiar as I listened. It turns out some of Fisher's tunes were covered by beloved and departed Canadian folk legend Stan Rogers. Fisher's and Rogers' singing styles are very much the same.

I think many Rogers fans still speak of him in the same way you speak of your Mother-in-law (except I don't believe Rogers was into baking pies). He died using his baritone voice to help rescue survivors from a crashed plane.

So thinking of Rogers heightens my sympathy for your loss.

It's curious, isn't it, how the dots connect like that in this interwoven world of our.

Natsthename said...

FiL, having just been through the medical wringer with my father's heart/lung troubles, I feel compelled to comment here. I am sorry I didn't read about your mother-in-law's passing over the summer, but know that right now when I read your perfect tribute, my heart breaks for your family. She must have been a wonderful woman, a terrific mom, and a lovely mother-in-law (how lucky you were on that count!)

colleen said...

what a wonderful photo! & what a lovely post my dear. hang in there. xo c

FiL said...

Sigh! FiL's late again with his replies... Thank you, Dearest Friends, for your kind comments.

Dearest Nats: Indeed, I am sorry you are having to go through mortality worries with your father. I do hope he will recover soon and well.