Monday, October 30, 2006

Please Stand By

Oh me, oh my, we are experiencing technical difficulties. Well, truth be told, it's EZarchive's fault. Completely and entirely. They are upgrading to a new system and have changed the way files are handled and presented, and have been somewhat opaque in communicating the shift. You know the old axiom "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all?" Well, I can't and therefore I won't.

Please bear with me - I'll be sorting out the most recent links as soon as possible. In the meantime...

Video: Spandau Ballet - Communication


Mentok the Mind-taker said...

I respect your forebearance in not slagging EZArchive, but would you mind if I did it for you?

I have chosen the haiku form for this task:

EZArchive sucks
EZArchive sucks badly
Sucky sucky suck

Now, admit it: Am I not the master of the haiku form?

Natsthename said...

Mentok...the haiku is sublime...wish we could say the same for ezarchive!
I gave up on yousendit, but still fall back on it from time to time.

Anonymous said...

LOL hehehe

Mentok, I'll give you that title, but it must be renewed annually. :P

FiL, you don't need to say anything bad about EZ, I think I can say enough bad things about them for the both of us.

All I know is they have created a giant mess for all of us and for that they must die!!! I am kidding of course I am afraid I am a whole lot of talk...

They still suck though!!

Anonymous said...

Hi FiL:

Great job on the CP!

Even though I recommended filexoom, my euphoria lasted only for a couple of hours and then it stopped working entirely.
Today, I find myself at fileden which is thus far working (I figure at this point, best to be provisional.)

FiL said...

Ah, Mentok's a poet
And boy, does he know it...

So far Fileden seems to be the most stable platform for me, with filelodge as backup. But maybe a dedicated host is the way to go...