Friday, October 16, 2009


6:50 AM, 16/10/09

So the past two weeks have been one blurry stream of numbers and anxiety and cortisol pump pump pumping through my screaming veins, sweeping all else aside. A bitter soup that fed deep, not wholly rational fears. A contrast medium that highlighted my shortcomings.

Heh. And just when I thought I was getting back on track round here.

But yesterday a high water mark was reached and the flow has subsided. For now. And I shall use the clarity afforded to consider those shortcomings...

But this morning, driving to work through a phosphene image of street light traffic light tail light against the a dark, rainy predawn of a dawn that ended up never really breaking, I could still feel the slightly sickening buzz at the back of my head. Twin Crystals provided a focus. Of sorts.

Twin Crystals - Children (buy here or here)


Natsthename said...

As Marcy noted in her blog..... Breathe. Breathe long and deep and long. Peace.

mjrc said...

i'm always so pleased when i click over here and there's a new post up. facebook is dandy and the contrast podcast is great but only in the blog can you really let it out in any sort of depth.

i guess that's my way of saying hang in there. the fall is a difficult season at best, especially for those of us who tend to attract the black dog.

oh, and what nat says. :)